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               ACRYLIC ACID

Cargo temperature must be never fall less than 18 deg C or go over 35 deg C.   If at all it happens the Inhibitor will be weakened and will trigger a exhothermic reaction and the cargo will have to be jettisoned.


Names: Glacial acrylic acid (98%), Ethylene carboxylic acid, Acroleic Acid,  2-Propenic Acid,2-Propenoic Acid, Propenoic Acid, Vinyl Formic Acid.

Used for surface coatings, textiles, hydrogels for contact lenses, aerosol hair sprays and elastomers. Acrylic acid monomer can be used in latex to prevent coagulation.



Clear colorless watery liquid

Acrid irritating odor 5  

SG/ 1.049

Organic acid

Some hazard, typically having threshold limits of 100 to 500 ppm

BP/ 141C

MP/ 12 C

VH/ 25C

AH/ 28C

DH/ 25C

Marpol cat/ Y

Vapor pressure 20C (mmHg)/ 3.10

Vapor pressure 46C (psia)/ 0.4

Vapor density (air =1.0)/ 2.48

Viscosity/ 1.30 mPas

Solubility in water/ complete

Low surface tension. Cleaning chemicals not required..

Flammable vapors, combustible liquid. Vapors can flow along surfaces to distant ignition sources and flash back.

Presents no special fire or explosion hazard because of its relatively high flash point and low vapor pressure.

Poisonous gases may be produced in a fire.

FP/ 50C

AIT/ 438C

Flammable limits: 2.4 LEL to 8.02 UEL

Does not react with water.

Good cargo before the next wall wash cargo.

Alcohol resistant foam used to combat fires. Carbon monoxide and carbon di oxide may form when heated to decomposition.

A fire involving a spill on tank deck could be extinguished with dry chemical or foam. Wear full protective clothing, eye protection and self-contained breathing apparatus

Destructive to mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract.

May be fatal as a result of spasm, inflammation and edemaof the larynx and bronchi, chemical pneumonitis and pulmonary odema. Asphyxia may occur due to edema of the glottis.

Fairly severe skin irritants, usually causing pain and second degree bums after a few minutes contact

Threshold limit value/TWA/10 ppm (skin)

Acrylic acid, when in contact with skin or eyes, may result in a bum upon short contact. Vapor may present an inhalation hazard from single exposures; irritating to eyes, nose and throat

Vapors are capable of causing definite skin or eye irritation, nasal irritation and lachrymation.

STEL/ 0.5 ppm.

If contact with skin or eye occurs, immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention promptly. Immediately remove contaminated clothing and shoes.

Polymerizes readily. Should be inhibited to insure safety and stability during storage and handling. Light promotes polymerization once started.

Severely corrodes iron and steel. Glass, low carbon content stainless steel and high purity aluminum are recommended.

No inerting by nitrogen must be done as stabilizer is oxygen dependant.

USCG compatibility chart/4—see exceptions

Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

If possible, wear rubber gloves, face shield, protective clothing. Body shield and self-contained breathing apparatus should be available

If leak on cargo transfer system, stop the transfer and empty the line system. Flush contaminated area with a weak caustic soda solution (10%), then flush the area with large quantities of water

Acrylic Acid is an unstable product when not inhibited. The ester grade (technical grade) covered by this manual is relatively stable when properly inhibited.  Acrylic Acid is regulated for bulk transportation by the IMO, BCH and IBC codes. Following is the summary of the codes' minimum requirements:

Pollution category/D (old) —NEW Y

Fire protection/ Alcohol resistant foam


Establish method for heating the cargo. Thermal oil, hot water, and/or adjacent heating is to be used. The safest way is to use adjacent heat by filling up fresh water ( not salt water) in an adjacent ballast tank and maintaining its temperature <30 deg C.

Do not use heating systems to thaw a solidified monomer.

For the transportation, and in case of rapid temperature increase ensure to have prepared plans to abandon the cargo overboard if so is required to protect the safety of crew and ship.

Stowage is to be arranged so that tanks are not filled to more than 90% full.

The cargo should never be allowed to freeze (MP 12-14C) as when cargo is remelted there is great risk of violent polymerization.


Since temperature measurement and records are a bone of contention,--ensure

Tanks to be loaded need a minimum of two temperature sensors in each tank with high and low temperature alarms. Ullages need to be arranged accordingly so that two sensors are in contact with the cargo during the voyage in each tank. High temperature alarm to be set at 35C and low temperature alarm to be set at 18C.


The tank must be dry, and chlorides < 2ppm.

Check heating coils for leaks (follow procedure for non-destructive pressure testing of heating coils). Steam coils to be blown dry and blanked off if using AH.

Purge the Framo pump and check for seal tightness (use air).

Prepare 10% caustic soda solution for neutralization of spills.

Ensure that all handling personnel are using acid resistant protective gear.

Have respiratory apparatus, eye wash, and emergency showers ready for use.

Use splash couplings at manifold.

Adjacent tanks or ballast spaces must not contain cargo or ballast with a temperature less than 18C at any time during the loading or voyage.

If you are loading in a cold place inject warm air into the pipelines to be used for loading to keep temperature at 20C.


The cargo should be loaded with a temperature range of 18/28C.

No samples to be retained on board.

An inhibitor certificate must be obtained. The inhibitor used is usually Hydroquinone. Acrylic acid vapor contains no inhibitor. So the condensate may polymerise inside the PV stack.

During loading cargo temperature must be checked and logged every 30 minutes.

First foot sample stop will be given by ship.

The first 24 hours after loading the cargo temperature must be checked and logged every 2 hours.


Samples must be drawn from top , middle and bottom levels of the tank.

For line clearing use air, do not use nitrogen as the inhibitor stabilizing the cargo is oxygen dependent.

All equipment used for Acrylic Acid loading must be thoroughly cleaned before stowed away. Cargo hoses should be flushed with warm (35-40C) water and steamed before stowed away.


The cargo temperatures must be monitored every four hours (00-04-08-12-16-20) and the results recorded in the "Cargo Temperature Log.".  The Log should contain the following information—

Outside temperature

Sea water temperature

AH by FW temperature

Top middle bottom cargo temperatures


The cargo temperature log must be Emailed every 24 hrs to the charterers and operator.

If the temperature falls below 18C, introduce heat using thermal oil/hot water or adjacent tank heating system. Heating coils surface temperature must not exceed 35C.

If the temperature continues to either decrease or increase to 16C or 34C respectively, urgently notify  the Chemical operator-- if the temperature change is not due to the corresponding ambient temperatures. If the temperature rises to 35C read  Jettison Procedures and be fore warned.


Prepare and use only clean, dry hoses.

Use acid spray shields at manifold flanges.

10% caustic soda solution can be used for neutralization of spills

All handling personnel should wear PPE..


The cargo should preferably be discharged at a temperature between 18C and 28C.

During discharge cargo temperature must be checked and logged every 30 minutes.

                TANK CLEANING

All tanks need to be stripped as per P&A Manual. Shortly after discharge all tanks are to be rinsed with clean ambient (MP--- 12C + 10C = 22C ) fresh water (not seawater or river water) to dilute any remaining acid.

This mixture is to remain in the tank until it is cleaned at sea (salt water ok) as per Marpol Regulations. Alternatively this fresh water/acid mixture may be transferred into another clean SS tank or empty (rinsed) acid tank so the tank may be cleaned in port.

Under no circumstances is the fresh water/acid mixture to be mixed with any other slops onboard (except for other Acrylic Acid slops.) After initial rinsing and transfer of slops the Acrylic Acid tank may be cleaned in port with salt or channel water collecting slops onboard along with any other compatible slops. 

This cargo can polymerize violently if contaminated or if exposed to freezing (12-14C) or excessive heat (45C) so utmost care needs to be taken when handling or cleaning from this cargo.

If heating coils have not been used for heating, remove blinds and thoroughly flush the coils with fresh water and check pH is 7..

Steam line systems, ensure to flush at all drain cocks and plugs.

Dry tank and lines.

If there are any black marks it can be removed by phosphoric acid.


The slops are to be disposed according to:

Regulations for control of pollution by noxious liquid substances in bulk, IMO, MARPOL Annex II and, when it is necessary to dispose slops to shore reception facilities, the ship must report estimated quantities to the Ship Operator and the local agent. Before mixing compatible slop residues or slops and cleaning agents consult the local agent.



A:     Should the Cargo Temperature rise to 34C, inform company.

Begin checking the temperature every 30 minutes. Plot on graph paper. Notify EMS chemical operator.

If adjacent tanks or any tanks in vicinity are being heated stop heating these tanks. If adjacent tanks are empty fill those with ballast if possible, provided sea water temperature is between 18-30C.

Line up for circulation either through existing drop line or rig portable hoses.

B.      Should the cargo temperature rise to 41C.

Begin circulation of the cargo.

Continue temperature monitoring.

C.     At a temperature of 45C.

Prepare to pump cargo overboard.

Add cold fresh water to tank as void space permits. Continue circulation. Continue adding fresh water until tank is full, as fresh water supply permits. Closely monitor temperature.


D.     Should temperature rise to 49C Jettison-- NOW!!

Begin pumping cargo overboard.

Continue adding fresh water while cargo is being discharged overboard, as FW supply permits.

When tank is empty start cleaning with cold water and continue cleaning until tank is clean.




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The German Jews Rothschild stole all Vedic science texts written in Sanskrit and Malayalam.

The British East India Company which ruled India was owned by German Jew Rothschild.

The Germans used Vedic ARYAN Swastika symbol for themselves.

VIMANA in Sanskrit and Malayalam means flying machine.

It is written in the Ramayana that Lord Rama , Sita and Lakshman stayed in Maharishi Bhardwaja's ashram.

Maharishi Bharadwaja is reputed to have penned ( the word is compiled ) the VIMANAKA SHASTRA 6400 years ago.  The vimana technology is more than 9000 years old

Sage Dronacharya who was the Guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the childhood was the son of Maharishi Bharadwaja. Maharishi Bharadwaja is the son of Sage Brihaspati.

Sage Dronacharya was killed by Arjuna in Mahabharata in 4000 BC , when he laid down his arms and went into Samadhi, in the thick of battle .

Yuddhistra who never told a lie, shouted deviously that (elephant ) Ashwathama was killed by Bhima , which Dronacharya mistook to be his own son .

In Vimanaka Shastra , the Sanskrit original was stolen by the German Jews Rothschilds. The Germans tried their hand in making flying VIMANAS.  But alas,Vedic weaponry used Scalar longitudinal waves and Pineal gland resonances as a trigger-- lest they fall into evil hands.

These are personalised instruments. For example an ASTRA ( scalar interferometry missile ) used by Rama cannot be used by Ravana , as these are activated by resonance by mental longitudinal Scalar waves. Nikola Tesla was introduced to Scalar weaponry by Vivekananda. This is like a modern day password-- which cannot be cracked!

Above is Ellora cave of 1600 BC showing a Vimana. 

These Vimanas have IMPLODING vortex in the direction of movement and EXPANDING vortexes to steer and for over drive.

In Vimana Yantra Sarvaswa , it is mentioned in great detail how to make a plane motionless, how to make it invisible, how to change over to aether ( akasha ZPF ) power from solar power in inter planetary travels, distant radar monitoring of other aircraft, how to listen to sounds inside other planes and underwater craft ( as Vimanas go under water too ), faster than light communications -- secrets of constructing planes which cannot be monitored or destroyed, with planetary gearing silent systems.

Mercury has been known to Indians 11000 years ago.  Dharnidhar Samhita gives the 16 steps to purify Mercury and make a SOLID Shiva Lingam out of it. 

This is extremely powerful and can sharpen the mind.  Lord Shiva tells Parvati, that if anyone worships parad Shiva lingam, will never have disease or face want . 

The Templar Knights found a solid Mercury Shiva Lingam under Solomon's temple, and after that they had NO use for the cross-- which got them burned on the stake ,by a vindictive Vatican.

In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, which means “controller of the battlefield ”, it is written: “Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines human beings can fly in the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.”



The anti-pollution regulations in USA are getting stricter year by year.

We have the VGP not allowing ships to use laundry machines while at berth, not allowing boiler blow down in port, putting off Cathelco system in port, not allowing ER ODMCS to function less than 3 miles from US shores ( while MARPOL allows it at 15 ppm , even in special areas  ) etc etc.

This is in addition to SOx and NOx rules.

It is time for the Yanks to consider the following.

Pollutions of US waters hardly happens due to ships.

How many registered and unregistered automobiles are there in USA in 2011. I am talking about cars, buses, trucks --the lot. It is in the region of 239 million units.

Now consider every automobile has engine lub oil in the engine sump. 60% of oil renewals are done privately by the automobile owner , in a do it yourself manner-- to save money.

After changing the oil, what do you think happens to the used oil?  On an average 5 litres per automobile !.

It goes into mother earth, to leach into the soil. With time it runs into streams and rivers to go into the sea.

This PERSISTANT used lub crankcase oil is a mindboggling amount. Approximately 585 million litres of oil  OR  520,000 Tonnes of thick dark mineral oil.  Exxon Valdez spilled only 42,800 Tonnes oil-- and all are still talking about it.


Now let us talk about non-biodegradable plastics. Americans discard 2.6 million plastic bottles every hour. Add to this plastic bags, coffee plastic cups, shrink wrap, product packaging , mobile phones, computers chassis --the works.

Every 2 years Yanks change their mobiles and Computers--with new models.

Where does it go?

If it is incinerated it pollutes the skies and people will get asthma , rhinitis, TB and Cancer..

If it is buried in landfills as it happens in USA, again mother earth gets polluted -- slow release over a thousand years. The Fresh Kills landfill near New York can be seen from space-- the only man made thing other than the Great Wall of China which can be seen .

Every day a plastic landfull closes in USA. In 19 years , there ain't gonna be any more space.

You decision to bury all your plastics in landfills is more STUPID than your decision in the past to fluorinate your drinking tap water. Flourine –found in Prozac and nerve gas Sarin, which is a free radical scavenger. Yes it protected your teeth, but screwed up your tiny calcified pineal glands and made morons out of an entire nation.
The time to do something is NOW. 

See what happened to the entire British race. Their selfish Zionist supporting politicians tried to ignore the MAD COW disease. It was the Govt's decision to feed vegetarian cows with non-veg stuff, to make them fatter and produce more milk.  This inordinate delay, altered DNA programming, and made morons out of an entire race. The British were a smart race before.  How many British can contest in World Univerities and defeat other races in IQ, today ?


Solution?-- On my ship I never give a problem to the shore office without an attached solution--lest the honourable shore Superintendents go into a tizzy.  No sales of engine oil to private individuals-- MUST do in a registered facility, with proper paperwork!  Make fibre out of plastics and use it constructively to recycle!!

Stop targetting poor sailors! All this slow steaming, keeping 12 miles of US California West coast , and hooking on to shore power in port etc -- ain't gonna do much good.

Your MFN China sends up her industry smoke sky high, and it travels at terrific speed across the vast Pacific Ocean like a balloon in 3 days flat and rains down as acid rain on West coast--

--you cant do anything about it! 

Try twisting China's arm, and see what they do to your arms!!


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The Bilderberg club is an exclusive private club which is the richest and most powerful club on this planet.


Every year about 140 members get together , for a conference in a posh Western country hotel. Attendance is strictly by invitation of the inner Zionist core steering group.  Rather, Rothschild the Jew decides who comes .

The fabric of this club and its agenda can be gauged by noting that blacks, coloured , yellow skinned, Latin Americas, Asians, Muslims (even if they are white ), whites from developing countries are NEVER called for this annual conference .

So it is obvious that these categories will get the short end of the stick in whatever is decided.

Wives are NOT allowed to maintain secrecy—as women are reputed to be bean spillers. Anglo American hegemony sustaining dirty plots cannot be spilled , right?

Meetings are held behind closed door, and no media coverage is allowed. The whole hotel is booked and private mercenary security men keep even the local police away. Minutes of this 3 day world policy meeting over cocktails in casual dress is never published.

Rothschild makes sure the wealthiest and most powerful elite of Europe , America and of course Israel is invited. The first meeting in 1954 was at Hotel De Bilderberg at Oosterbeek Holland —so this name of the “Bilderberg group” has stuck. 

This elite cabal of Rothschild Jews who owned the Opium running British East India company is centuries old, but the name Bilderberg is new.

In comparison the G8 summit is just a farce. It is the Bilderberg group who decides what G8 must discuss and do. What G8, IMF and Wold Bank plans to do this year, is decided by Bilderberg club the previous year.

The location of this meeting changes every year. At the meeting venue , a lake and a golf course is a must. While the naive go golfing and sleep off the effects of the previous night’s cocktails, a SPECIAL meeting of the inner ZIONIST core steering group takes place, to decide whom to manipulate and how. The whole hotel is bugged.

Even the golf course, which is a compulsory item, is bugged with super sensitive audio microphones, to monitor conversations .

The cocktails are manipulated to make sure who must sleep longer and sounder. These temporary fringe members do NOT even realize that every word they speak while in the hotel is secretly taped and video recorded.
Bill Clinton was an invitee , before the became the President the next year. And so was John Major and Tony Blair, before they became Prime ministers. As was Joe Biden before he became US vice President.

Obama is black and hence does NOT fit in, right?  The Prime Minister of UK has attended every single meeting since 1954.

No other meeting on this planet is attended by all major white and Jew institutions like World Bank, IMF, UN, EU etc.

So let me now list out a typical invitee list— US President if white skinned , white Kings and Princes, US senators , US secretary of state, US Presidential advisors, US secretary of defence, US governors, powerful politicians, US NSA, EU commissioners, NATO supreme commander and General Secretary, US Federal Reserve bosses, Owners of major Jewish Banks, Jewish bosses of Swiss banks, Richest white men and Jews of the planet , Jewish bosses of major oil companies, Nokia boss, Facebook boss, Google boss, Amazon dot com boss, IMF and World bank Jewish bosses and even some Jewish media bosses like of Washington Post, New York Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, National Post etc

So what all earth shaking things do they discuss—EU formation--- how to declare war on Serbia, Iraq and Libya --- prices of oil--- NATO as world’s army and police--- polluting industries to be exported to third world countries--- incestuous relations to be forged between politics, economics and media--- global finance to put  developing countries into a debt trap--- outsourcing--- white man’s unchallenged superiority--- containment of China , Russia and India--- future sanctions--- destabilizing of Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea, how to keep Algerian gas intact for the white man, Nuclear containment to friends of the white man and Jew—globalization—.

While the naive are sleeping, after a hectic evening of golf and sleep inducing cocktails --the ZIONIST INNER CORE STEERING GROUP  discusses culture, weather and American idol ?– BALLS!

This COTERIE discusses the new world order suiting the Zionist Jew — killing Gaddafi's and his gold dinar-- World’s Jewish trade —Jewish drug money laundering —Jewish political hegemony – dethronings , coups, and assassinations planned for this year— keeping the Palestinians out of Gaza and West bank-- countries to be bankrupted and salvaged by Jewish banks this year—Jewish stock prices – manipulating the bulls and the bears to advantage – cyber terrorism—protectionism— currency devaluations-- gold price pegging-- short term interest rates fixing-- off shore banking regulation-- manipulating puppet heads of state-- whom all to invite to next years Bilderberg conference ( expendable electrons really ) .

Below: Jimmy Carter has an IQ of 156-- VERY SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE 



Then be more surprised. 

It was Rothschilds decision to make Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India . 

It was decided at the Bilderberg club , in 1991 , that India should NOT be given IMF/ WB loans unless Manmohan ( an ex- soft employee of UN-WB )  is installed on the Finance Minister's chair.

His familiarisation was done as the Secretary General of the South Commission, an independent economic policy think tank headquartered in Rothschild banking cartel’s  home turf Geneva, Switzerland from 1987 to 1990

And then from this chair he would be catapulted to the PM's chair-from where it would be easy for Rothschild to get a toe hold, back into Indian money. 

This was achieved in 2004, when Sonia insisted that the PM chair is for unelected Manmohan Singh, against all previous Indian democratic traditions.

Rothschild stooge Manmohan Singh was made the Finance Minister of India or IMF would NOT give a loan to India.  Rothschild had done the same with SIR Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh ( won Magsaysay award twice ) who was knighted in 1944 just because he had a Jew British wife. Rothschild would NOT give India a loan to procure wheat from USA unless our SIR was made Finance Minister of India.   

SIR Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh attended the Breton Woods Conference to create IMF on invitation of Rothschild in July1944 . ) Rothschild liked him, and he was a member of the Board of Governors of both of IMF for the next ten years

Rothschild was the owner of the shipping company by the name of British East India Company, who  stole all the wealth of India and converted her from the richest in the world to the poorest in 2 centuries flat.

The king maker in England for Winston Churchill and for every American president from Wilson to Eisenhover ( Ike ) was Bernard Baruch, the billionaire Zionist Jewish Financier,who was Rothchild’s agent in USA and also a Rothschild bloodline clone

All countries are being forcibly dragged to have to accept a World Government by this INNER Jewish Bilderberg group.

Nathan Rothschilds money source was Tipu Sultan's gold. They murdered him while having breakfast in 1799 after he had stolen all the gold from Kerala temples ( the fruit of 5 milleniums of spice trade ) , with the connivance of local arab half breed muslims, and made a single heap of gold at Srirangapatnam. His Hessian army regiment in India were pure mercenaries, paid by Opium money--and they were loyal only to German Jew Rothschild ,NOT to the British queen..

“To poorer Jews throughout Europe, Nathan Rothschild’s extraordinary rise to riches had an almost mystical significance—hence the legend of the “Hebrew talisman,” the magical source of his good luck, which became associated with him in Jewish lore. This extraordinary story—a version of which was published by an anonymous author in London just four years after Nathan Rothschild’s death (1836)—imagined that the source of Nathan’s financial success was his possession of a magical talisman. His wealth was in fact intended for a higher purpose: “to avenge the wrongs of Israel” by securing “the re-establishment of Judah’s kingdom—then rebuilding of thy towers, Oh! Jerusalem!” and “the restoration of Judea to out ancient race.” (Ferguson, Niall—Official biographer of Rothschild . The House of Rothschild: Volume 1: Money’s Prophets: 1798-1848, Viking, (1999), pp. 21/22)
Everybody had been wondering why the current generation of Rothschild has stopped all their covert games. Oh no! They upstaged all their ancestors with the HOAX of the millennium. GLOBAL WARMING DUE TO GREEN HOUSE GASES . This would make poor countries rich in natural energy like coal and hydrocarbons buy biodiesel and alternate from Rothschild's companies in European countries who have NOTHING in their country— just unfertile , no mineral , no energy wasteland.

The Bilderberg club's next US president nominee for Republicans will be a Mormon--Mitt Romney.  

He is Rothschild's choice.

Walmart is the world’s third largest corporation, according to Fortune Global 500, considered the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees working at 8,500 stores in 15 countries, under 55 different names earned a whopping $410 BILLION in 2011. 

They will "lobby" with Sonia Gandhi ,Man mohan Singh and Anand Sharma and brown nose their way into India.