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I had gone to my friends place two days ago.  We were having a nice chat with the TV running on foreign funded Indian channel CNN-IBN, which was being watched by my friends daughter.

Suddenly our mental and physical midget Karan Thapar’s face pops up on screen.  

And this is what he said “ Gays express their love for each other with penile oral and penile anal sex. ( apparently this moron never heard of the word LUST )

Mt friends teen aged daughter suddenly got up red faced , put off the TV and went inside .  All of us were terribly embarrassed .

Who has allowed Karan Thapar to say this on national TV on prime time?


Thapar was the creep who said that Lord Ayyappa ( the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu ) is the offspring of a homosexual union between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

There is a immoral haste to denigrate Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala , as it is the world’s No1 pilgrimage attracting the largest number of pilgrims on this planet.

What attracts the people?

It is a Quantum theory, known to Indian Maharishis in hoary antiquity-called QUANTUM ENTRAINMENT AND PURE AWARENESS.

The western world is NOT yet ready to understand these profound truths.  Magic happens in a span of 3 seconds.

Punch into Google search-


Karan Thapar-- are there any other ways for gays to express love for each other?

Allow my imagination to run riot?  

Can they eat each other’s SHIT too to express their divine love for each other-- 

that is -- in addition to putting their dirty unwashed pricks with cold sores inside HIV and pin worm laden as$holes and ulcerated stinking mouths?

Folks,  it is getting to this type of decadence — for GOLDEN SHOWERS and BESTIALITY is now common among these perverts.

No child is born a homosexual.

Vulnerable children with warped DNA are first initiated at a young age by pedophiles, who grope and seduce them.  These are the ones who become full blown gays and lesbians later on in life.

Now let me digress by a joke – a true incident.

My senior was a young chief officer on a ship with a Swedish Captain. This man loved to talk dirty..

The 4th engineer was a corny Bihari .

They had a party on board –and it so transpired that my colleague coached this Bihari Engineer to ask the Captain a corny question.

So as per plan the 4th engineer asked the Swedish Captain – (after he had a few drinks).


This Bihari would say SORE LEAVE instead of SHORE LEAVE -- or PROMOSSAN instead of PROMOTION.

The Captain did NOT understand.

So after he asked him to repeat the question thrice , my friend chipped in “ Sir, he is asking you a doubt about GOLDEN SHOWER”

And boy !— the Captain went off tangent describing how he took a golden shower from his neighbours 16 year old daughter and his wife too for good measure, back home in Sweden - at the same time in the bath tub .

He was so melodramatic , explaining the dirty little aspects with so much gusto , that all in the party were literally rolling on the floor in laughter.

More so because the Captain’s gorgeous blonde blue eyed wife who sailed on the previous voyage had run away with this same neighbor man .

Is this what we want in India?

Sorry, we will NOT allow such decadence in India.

Now watch this video about Karan Thapar , the BULLY and the new world order pushing stooge.

Above:  Madhu Trehan’s father media tycoon Vidya Vilas Purie was the owner of Thomson press.. In 1966, Roy Herbert Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet bought The Times newspaper from members of the Astor family-- the opium agents of Rothschild..  Madhu trehan's husband ( Naresh Trehan ) rose fast because of  political connections -- he is the Indian Presidents PERSONAL SURGEON.

All we know is that his wife died at the age of 33 .

Nobody knows how she died—but I do know what happened from my sources in Istanbul.  

Let it be—I do have some human decency within me.  

But if he continues his immoral denigration of Hindu God Lord Ayyappa ( of the world's largest pilgrimage ) , — I shall hit him below the belt.

See this man will NOT denigrate Islam—for his severed head will be on the nearest pole.

Karan Thapar’s wife’s name was Maria Nisha Jeanne Alvares Menezes  She was a high flying investment banker in many of Rothschild’s concerns --

--like Morgan Guaranty Trust Company,  Merrill Lynch and later Director of NatWest Bank.

Karan Thapar’s own father was Gen Pran Nath Thapar who was forced to resign in disgrace after India lost the 1962 war with China.   The General was closely related to Prime Minister Nehru.

The foreign funded Indian media has been saying again and again that  80 million of our 1300 million population is gay.  Some LYING gay sites even put this figure as high as 1 in 4.

Here is the truth.

Only one in 1100 Indians is a gay.

In some white countries 1 in 7 is gay.  Every 7th person walking past on the street is gay. 

If the governments of these nations do NOT address this problem, there may be a revolution, which cannot be managed by distractions like Nero’s games of ancient Rome-  all these rock concerts , hyped up football matches etc.

We do NOT have this problem of gay plenty in India.  

Big Brother has introduced LGBT in every BIGG BOSS reality show trying to legitimize him or her or IT.

Sri Sri Ravishankar , has been coming on all foreign funded media and crying himself hoarse that Hinduism allows gay sex and Lord Ayyappa is the off spring of a homosexual union between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. 

As per Dvaita Hindusim , Lord Shiva ( destroyer ) and Lord Vishnu ( mediator )  are intelligent force fields. 

Never mind that big brother sponsored writer Amish Tripati tried to convert Lord Shiva into a sex starved tribal mortal—a recent one that too.

Punch into Google search-

Triple Sri Ravishankar must know that Lord Ayyappa is the 9th avatar of Lord Vishnu. The white Christian invader made Buddha the 9th avatar, using their stooges like BR Ambedkar, EVR Periyar etc .

They even got stone sculptors to carve out the 10 avatars inserting Buddha as the 9th avatar as retro installation in our ancient temples.

It wont work.

Buddha was a mere mortal of Gautama Gotra - who struggled for salvation .

Who is this Triple Sri Ravishankar who is adored by the NEW WORLD ORDER sponsoring BIG BROTHER ?

His SOO HUMM  “patented”  Sudarshan Kriya dupes the people by kicking in MARTINI EFFECT—NITROGEN NARCOSIS. 



No matter what he does or how much he atones — whatever ( how come at the age of  58 he has NO white hair  -- Hindu Gurus do NOT dye their hair )

TRIPLE SRI fellow has PATENTED this Sudharshan Kriya by trying to rehash Yogic pranayama exercises like Bhastrika and Kapalabhati.  

It is against the dharma of a Hindu guru to patent anything.  

The ancient maharishis had depersonalized themselves in the search for truth-- unlike modern Western philosophers who lift ideas and patent it in their names.   

The sages who gave them to us did not care to leave their names; the truths they set down in the Vedas and Upanishads were eternal, and the identity of those who arranged the words irrelevant.

Below video:  Check out his Triple Sri's lack of perception - is this India's "world Guru"?  

Two years ago Triple Sri Ravishankar fooled the students of IIT  Kanpur with some bullsh#t oil drops.

Triple Sri called for a volunteer to come up on stage for a “patented” magic oil surprise demonstration. 

One of the students from the back rows of the auditorium was chosen to share the dais. 

The chosen volunteer, a male student wearing a black t-shirt with horizontal white stripes, was asked to extend his arm parallel to the floor, clinch his fist and resist the pulling down of his arm.  

Triple Sri  gripping the volunteer’s arm near the wrist, was able to pull down his arm easily over and over again, much to the amusement  of the naïve audience.  

He then produced from his pocket a small vial containing some oil.

The volunteer was then asked to rub and spread this oil over his arm. After the volunteer took a step back and a deep breath to relax, the whole exercise was repeated again – except this time Triple Sri with his gargantuan paunch struggled quite hard to pull down the volunteer’s arm, amazing the vast audience.

The volunteer, visibly impressed and believing that he had in fact become stronger in a matter of seconds after the application of the oil, went onto fall at the feet (cultural practice of surrender) of the extraordinary messiah Triple Sri.

Following the thundering applause from his gullible audience, Mr. Ravishankar went on to urge stronger volunteers to come forth.

The next male volunteer also went on to fall at the feet of Mr. Ravishankar after his new found strength.

The frenzy in the arena attracted a male "skeptic" from the audience to volunteer. 

He was visibly unimpressed by the arm pull down test and the claim of instantaneous improvement of strength and vigor following the application of a few drops of oil.  

The skeptic boldly asked for permission to perform the same test on his own test subject on the dais.

While the skeptic readied his subjects, Triple Sri changed his track and launched into a astounding theory for his precious oil.

He spAke  “one drop of poison can destroy the body. Can it not destroy? One drop of poison can destroy the immune system. No? HOOO ? No ? The reverse can also happen – one drop of nectar can also strengthen your body.”

The stupefied audience gaped in awe.

What happened afterwards was most hilarious .  The “test subjects” chosen by the “skeptic” gave testimonies to the audience that they felt “something different,” and the skeptic had to agree, on the microphone, that he was convinced of the power of the messiah and his great oil.

The gullible IIT Kanpur audience could NOT stop clapping. These are the same folks AAP’s Kumar Vishwas recites mindless non-veg Hindi poetry ( CHOO LAA  is this poetry, is he a poet  ? ) and gets these rustic North Indians in raptures.

Some Shakthi Drops, are sold for 25 Euros in 30ml vials on Art of Living’s EU website.

Triple Sri uses the reaction principle to trick all.  Push , relax a muscle and then pull.

Triple Sri’s oil which gives rocket boost in immunity and muscle strength is not even pseudo science – it is sheer fraud.

Below video: Check out the cerebral quality and CLASS of our IIT students -- even Sidhu will NOT laugh for this rustic nonsense .  Is this poetry ? .

In 2005, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, who hails from Rajpipla in the Gujarat, publicly came out as gay. He was quickly anointed by the Indian and the world media as the first openly gay royal. 

Big brother made sure he got on to The Oprah Winfrey Show on October 24, 2007.

It was Amartya Sen ( with a Rothschild wife ) who first took up cudgels against Section 377 of IPC code, demanding free sex for gays in Sept 2006..

Here is a copy of an open letter instigated by him , and supported by many moth eaten faces (supporting NOW )  you see of prime time of foreign funded Indian media.

Open Letters against Section 377
Amartya Sen, et al.

To the Government of India, Members of the Judiciary, and All Citizens,

To build a truly democratic and plural India, we must collectively fight against laws and policies that abuse human rights and limit fundamental freedoms.

This is why we, concerned Indian citizens and people of Indian origin, support the overturning of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial-era law dating to 1861, which punitively criminalizes romantic love and private, consensual sexual acts between adults of the same sex.

In independent India, as earlier, this archaic and brutal law has served no good purpose.  It has been used to systematically persecute, blackmail, arrest and terrorize sexual minorities.  

It has spawned public intolerance and abuse, forcing tens of millions of gay and bisexual men and women to live in fear and secrecy, at tragic cost to themselves and their families.  

It is especially disgraceful that Section 377 has on several recent occasions been used by homophobic officials to suppress the work of legitimate HIV-prevention groups, leaving gay and bisexual men in India even more defenceless against HIV infection.

Such human rights abuses would be cause for shame anywhere in the modern world, but they are especially so in India, which was founded on a vision of fundamental rights applying equally to all, without discrimination on any grounds.  

By presumptively treating as criminals those who love people of the same sex, Section 377 violates fundamental human rights, particularly the rights to equality and privacy that are enshrined in our Constitution as well as in the binding international laws that we have embraced, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Let us always remember the indisputable truth expressed in the opening articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that "All persons are born free and equal in dignity and rights. . . Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind."

We will move many steps closer to our goal of achieving a just, pluralistic and democratic society by the ending of Section 377, which is currently under challenge before the Delhi High Court.  

There should be no discrimination in India on the grounds of sexual orientation.  In the name of humanity and our Constitution, this cruel and discriminatory law should be struck down.


Only some names are here -
Vikram Seth,  
Swami Agnivesh
Soli Sorabjee
MJ Akbar
Pooja Bedi 
Shyam Benegal
Prashant Bhushan
Nandita Das
John Dayal
Shobhaa De
Barkha Dutt
Amitav Ghosh
Sagarika Ghose
Indira Jaising
Girish Karnad
Ashish Nandy
Kuldip Nayar
Derek O'Brien
Dileep Padgaonkar
Aruna Roy
Arundhati Roy
Mallika Sarabhai
Rajdeep Sardesai
Vir Sanghvi
Aparna Sen,
Teesta Setalvad
Tarun Tejpal
Dolly Thakore 

All those who want to know who Amartya Sen is –

Punch into Google search-


On 30 June 2008, Indian labour minister Oscar Fernandes backed calls for decriminalisation of consensual gay sex, and the Prime Minister immediately Manmohan Singh called for greater tolerance towards homosexuals.

Foreign funded Trojan Horse NGOs covertly ( with the support of the waitress ) organized Gay Pride Parades all over India.

On 29 June 2008, five Indian cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore and Pondicherry) celebrated gay pride parades. 

About 2,000 people turned out in these nationwide parades. Mumbai held its pride march on 16 August 2008, with Bollywood starlet Celina Jaitley whipping up frenzy as a Congress worker. 

Celina Jaitley ,an unknown starlet , joined the Congress in March 2004 , and we all wondered what is the big deal--what the main stream media blitzkieg is all about ..  

In April 2007 she said that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was a born leader and his leadership would change the world for the better. TEE HEEEE !

Days after the 2 July 2009 Delhi High Court verdict legalizing homosexuality, Pink Pages, India's first online LGBT magazine was released. 

On 16 April 2009, India's first gay magazine Bombay Dost, was re-launched by Celina Jaitley in Mumbai.

Celina Jaitley was jumping up and down like an orangutan ,vociferously being a  proponent of abolition of Article 377 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), which criminalized homosexuality. 

The actress once stated that her first boyfriend was a closet homosexual who died of the usual homosexual problems becoming a bag of bones .

On 27 June 2009, Bhubaneswar, the capital city of the Odisha, saw its first gay pride parade. 

The same day, Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily announced that the Union Home Minister has convened a meeting with the Union Law Ministers, Union Health Ministers and Home Ministers of all states to evolve a consensus on decriminalising homosexuality in India. 

On 28 June 2009, Delhi and Bangalore held their second gay pride parades, and Chennai – generally considered to be a very conservative city – held its first.

Everything was stage managed as if all Indians were dying to give freedom for the LGBT community to start preying openly .

The Delhi High Court on July 2, 2009 decriminalised gay sex as provided in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and had ruled that sex between two consenting adults in private would not be an offence.

Attendance at the pride parades has been increasing significantly since 2008, with an estimated participation of 13,500 people in Delhi and 1,500 people in Bangalore in 2010, and a similar attendance of over 3,000 in Mumbai in 2011.

Mumbai has one of its biggest pride events - Kashish Mumbai Queer Film Festival which was first held in 2010 in April and the next year from May 25–29, 2011.

It is the first queer film festival that is held in a mainstream multiplex theater and screens LGBT films from all over the world. It has been recognized by Interpride as a pride event in India.

Madurai celebrated city's first LGBTQ Rainbow festival on 29-07-2012, Anjali Gopalan inaugurated Alan Turing Rainbow festival and flag offed the Asia's first Gender queer pride. 

Kolkata Rainbow Pride festival held on 15 July 2012 was attended by more than 1500 people and many online forums like www.Jubwetalk.in, Desiboys sprouted on the internet to advertise availability of gay services.




But alas on 11 December 2013, the Supreme court reinstated section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that criminalises sexual activities “against the order of nature”—sending the NWO sponsoring moth eaten faces who come on prime time on foreign funded Indian TV.

"If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" -Prince Phillip, - husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

“The ultimate aim is to create a one-world socialist system."-- Dan Smoot, a former member of the FBI Headquarters staff in Washington, D.C. ( This is about Jews and their Zionist stooges controlling the world while the rest work as worker drones )

“Progress and peace and justice are attainable. So we say to all peoples and governments: Let us fashion together a new world order"—Jew Henry Kissinger, in address before the General Assembly of the United Nations, October 1975

"Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order."—Crypto Jew ( Kahn ) and Rothschild stooge Mikhail Gorbachev, in an address at the United Nations during December 1988

The NEW WORLD ORDER plan is to depopulate the planet's 6-7 billion people to a manageable level of between 500 million and 1 billion.

One of the plans is to control the food chain by forcing farmers to use STERILE GM seeds. Such terminator seeds will be controlled by BIG BROTHER . 

Free food like fish in rivers and the sea is being christened by PETA – as sea kittens , NOT to be harmed or eaten.

EVIL PHARMA controlled by big brother is doing their bit.

Artificial viruses are created in sinister labs.

Gender divide is being caused in India— so that people lose trust in the institution of marriage. A woman’s world is now MORE EQUAL than a man’s word in India ( example Justice AK Ganguly case)

Mineral rich African countries have constant genocide which is NOT reported by big brother controlled main steam media.

The LGBT movement ensure the procreative penis is immorally put in the wrong orifice , so that children are NOT produced in third world countries.  

The waitress talks about rape in India —HEY, ever heard of ROOT CAUSE?-  how about controlling pornography ?

The perpetrators of NWO  print government currency for the price of the paper and then lend it to the government with interest. By controlling money ,you control the people.

The Bilderberg INNER club calls the shots.

Punch into Google search-


The AADHAR card is part of the evolving NWO system.   

They now issue this on cheap long paper.  Once it is operational on a plastic card - you cannot buy/  sell, use ATM or banks, travel, communicate, cook,  stay in hotel,  get medical services, buy fuel etc without the card.   

Big Brother can SWITCH OFF YOUR LIFE by the flick of a button.  

You cannot even hide as your GPS position ( accurate to one metre ) will be known by means on an embedded chip, and will be in the hit list of the foreign funded Trojan Horse NGO mafia who wants your kidney .

Many unknown dead bodies found in deserted places in India have eyes , fingers , ears etc missing—what they do NOT report is that kidneys are also missing. 

Already this AADHAR type chip exists for the past 4 years in Indian mobile phones—and has been used to catch criminals like BUNTY CHOR.

Legitimization of sodomy movement is funded by BIG BROTHER,  as an alternative form of sexual expression.

Putting the penis into the wrong orifice is being touted as love.

They try to blur the lines between LOVE AND LUST.   

They forces who support the LGBT movement spends unlimited funds for promoted contraception, sterilization, abortion, population control, sex instruction for the young, divorce and "open" marriages, pornography, suicide, euthanasia, artificial reproduction, and government operated and medically supervised brothels.  

They gave awards to vulgar people after extracting the promise that these hyped up people will work hard to decry the injustices allegedly suffered by homosexuals on big brother remote controlled TV and media.

What had been traditionally viewed as a immoral vice to be suppressed by government became a virtue and a civil right to be protected and advanced by the State.

The LGBT revolution, like any revolution started at the top, with the wealthy and powerful. It is NOT some motley movement of perverted and disgruntled clientele of transvestites, homosexuals, and young male hustlers who frequented the red light areas like Sonagachi or Grant Road--  who were later joined by sympathetic tearful residents in a violent melee with local police.

Dr. Richard Day, a former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood-World Population and a Rothschild  protégée,  stated that in the future there would be "sex without reproduction" (aka contraception, sterilization, abortion) and "reproduction without sex" (in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination).  

Even the UNO and WHO has been hijacked.

The fountainhead of this LGBT movement's power and influence was not generated from within the movement itself, but from without —  from the powerful Ziionist foundations and other big brother remote controlled and funded entities that rule from behind the scenes.

With their great power , reach prestige and endless financial resources, these Big Brother remote controlled foundations can go where others fear to tread and pave the way for public acceptance of all forms of sexual deviancy, until the time is ripe for the NWO elite to take over and the particular deviancy in question is institutionalized as official public policy.

By statistics the largest sources of support for the LGBT agenda is Zionist controlled corporate America — Coke-Cola, Pepsi, Ford (Globe), General Motors, American Express, Best Buy, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Mellon Financial, Shell, Dell, Avon, Estee Lauder, Coors, General Electric, General Mills, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Hyatt, State farm, Avis, Starbucks, Subway, Gameboy, Ikea, JC Penney, Sears, Sam's Club, Target, Wal-Mart (Pride), Weight Watchers, IBM, Intell, AT&T, and on and on.


In the name of aid to Trojan Horse NGOs for AIDS programs (  the goose that laid the golden egg  ) millions of dollars of "health" funds has made their way into desh drohi LBGT rights organisations and atheist / rationalist NGOs.

AIDS has the added "benefit" of helping to reduce the "surplus population," in keeping with the New World Order's relentless campaign against the proliferation of people.  AIDS does NOT affect the flora and fauna ..  
Organised underworld crime mafia is involved in the GAY MOVEMENTS.  Organized Crime supplies drugs, pornography and young male prostitutes ( hijras  ) in Indian university towns.

Big brother funded NGO agencies are trained to induce total control over every aspect of human life — education, economics and finances, religion, entertainment, transportation, medicine, the arts, national defense, politics, medicine, science and technology, sports, law enforcement, agriculture and farming, and ultimately, who shall live and who shall die.

The two natural enemies of totalitarianism of any stripe — the family and religion needs to be broken wiped out. 

This is why you see GENDER DIVIDE in India today. Women are tempted to divorce so that they can grab the ancestral property of man.

The NWO stooges are foreign funded to undermine both marriage and family, as well as the natural law and traditional morality. The goal of the NWO is to create a generation of polymorphous perverts — narcissistic, isolated and rootless individuals who, being enslaved by their own unnatural passions, will not present any serious opposition to their new slave masters.

Homosexuals are notoriously unstable and unreliable.  

So, having served their purpose, when the time comes, rank-and-file homosexuals will be systematically eliminated as enemies of the state.  Elite "gays" within the NWO will be allowed to remain.

Big Brother has used Charles Darwin to propagate that there is NO god.  However with the internet age telling all and sundry about DNA, people now look upon Charles Darwin as a Freemasonic idiot ..

Today we can see that almost all LGBT activism is a puppet of Jewish Zionist lobbies and Freemasons.  

If you can be a LGBT activist with few supporters there is plenty of money to be made. 

Rothschild Communists like atheist Brinda Karat are supporting gays if if her life depends on it.

All this is actually a covert and immoral war against civilization. Religion is a natural obstacle to a New World Order.

The flood of Internet pornography stuns the masses, makes them bring out base  animal passions and thus more malleable.

Even dark dark sexuality like sadomasochism, is  honored as an expression of love.

If a celebrity or an corporate boss criticizes homosexuality, big brother tries his best to ensure that his career is over.

LGBT is a new slavery disguised as freedom.  Gay Pride Parades are a grotesque masquerade with paid perverts trying to show that great  romance and true love is involved in penile anal intercourse. 

Love is now being substituted for base lust.

Uprooting family values and spiritual decay is the aim of the NWO.

Gays are being encouraged to identify with a "sexual orientation" and not a country, a culture ... 

We can now see that Indian Muslims and Christians are more proud of foreign lands of Saudi Arabia, Italy, Portugal etc rather than India. Check out the contents of the evangelist TV channels. 

The concept of desh bhakti towards the motherland is eroded.

There is deliberate destruction of natural landmarks and boundaries between Feminine and Masculine. 

We can see celebrity males talking about doing Karva Chaut for their wives, making bed tea for them and washing their clothes, and boasting about it on prime time TV . 

In India the female world is more equal than a man’s word. 

Thousands of years of peace and tranquility and respect is now a thing of the past in Indian homes.  TV channels like MTV show tomboy females abusing males in the most vulgar language.

The Illuminati promotion of 'all things gay' serves a much deeper and sinister role than most people suspect. 

Weird looking and behaving gays are made to look as if they are the salt –nay-- bounty of this planet.

Americans social media says that two Jewish groups in particular, The Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), together with the American Federation of Teachers, have been promoting the homosexual agenda in US public schools.

Weird books like Daddy’s New Roommate, Daddy’s Wedding, (Daddy marries Ken), King and King, are part of the ADL’s early learning program, molding the minds of impressionable little children to accept and embrace deviant and vulgar sexual acts.  

All this despite knowing that in USA the average homosexual dies at the age of less than 45, due to various diseases like AIDS. This is what happens when you go against the laws of nature.

On ships Big Brother has introduced the new pillar called MLC 2006 ( Maritime Labour Commission ) with a compulsory chapter in the manual about gay sex.  

Oral sex, anal sex is all covered.   

I told the Norwegian auditor to FU#K OFF ,  when he asked about safe analingus — QUOTE use of shrink wrap plastic for using the tongue, so that pin worms and sh#t don’t come on the tongue from the as$hole.  The safe us of “ dental dam”  for oral sex  for rimming (licking the anus). How to discreetly inspect your partner’s as$hole for ulcers and lesions   UNQUOTE


There are hush hush talks that female hormone vaccines are being introduced to convert straight males into homosexuals.

AAHA—I can see some of my readers saying that this is NOT possible.

Let me tell you , I knew how to do this atleast 10 years ago.

I can board a crowded AC train,  spray some chemicals into the AC duct and within 30 minutes have all males groping each other – with some drooling on their knees.

I will NOT reveal this GAY INDUCTION spray potion —but let me give a WEE hint to the skeptics.

The main ingredient of this spray will be oxytocin, with two other hormones . I shall NOT reveal the other two.

However I will talk of some other hormones which induce LOVE and LUST later on in this post.  I will explain what exactly is LOVE and what exactly is LUST ( experienced by gays )

Big Brother promotes gay sexuality , so that a vulnerable child may grow up and think it normal to be gay and be gay out of FREE CHOICE.  This coupled with various other environmental factors can turn one gay.

Already , once vibrant western nations and cultures have been debauched and debased and their peoples have been made objects of a carefully orchestrated Agenda of Evil whose aim is to make them decadent.

There is intense brainwashing even in schools that  homosexuality was not only natural but noble and a preferable way of life,  one of many exciting items on a menu of "life-choices."

Big Brother got the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to remove their censure of homosexuality. So today a compromised  APA to says that same sex was 'not a disorder' but merely "a condition" –as neutral as left-handedness.  They tout this as a medical decision, NOT as a decision they were arm twisted into making.

The homosexual zealots and their funded supporters have mounted an assault on freedom of conscience, free speech and free and independent thought. This very post will be considered as an attack on a MINORITY COMMUNITY . 

This is taking the hue of SIX MILLION JEWS KILLED BY HITLER – you can go to jail for this.  

I will be portrayed as a 'bigot' , and condemned , for telling that putting a prick into an as$hole is perversion -- while the moth eaten faced lobbied up creeps who support gays will be portrayed as “ noble world citizens “.  

Big Brother remote controlled media have already converted famous historical figures into homosexuals—fake propaganda.  The main reason for this is simple: it associates homosexuals with positive images (i.e. "positive" symbols and role models) just like how advertisers use celebrity endorsements, and use catch phrases like FREEDOM , FREE WILL etc.  

To gain falthu sympathy there is even a guided tour of Nazi concentration camps where homosexuals were tortured and gassed—a big LIE.

Young journalists who enter their trade with romantic notions are quickly arm twisted to support gays or face the pink slip.  Journalists with courage of their convictions and noble conscience are defamed and  ostracised, some lose their careers and others their lives to road accidents or drownings.

The mass media, Jew controlled Hollywood and academia have successfully fabricated a "gay culture" with all its attendant illusions by bombarding and assaulting the the moral senses of the majority with a steady stream of filth, deceits and lies.  

On Big Brother monopolized television and in the movies, homosexuals are portrayed as sterling characters that conduct themselves with dignity, wit and aplomb.

The homosexuals in movies are are portrayed as attractive, smart , compassionate and with abundant sense of humor. They are ZE friends in need.  They are the first to risk their lives in coming to the aid of people in danger . They will give succor and precious high IQ advice, that brings the main hero back from the brink of personal destruction.

Sample reactions to the Supreme court ruling:-

Aamir Khan – “I am most disappointed with this judgement. It feels very intolerant and violative of basic human rights. It's a shame,"

Karan Johar -  “For all those who think that this judgement gives them a right to talk about their self appointed machoism...GET A LIFE!!!”

Farhan Akhtar --“ The Supreme Court got it wrong today. #Sec377.”

Vikram Seth – “a great day for prejudice and inhumanity and a bad day for law and love."

 Shabana Azmi: “ Shocking judgement! Upholding 377 is violative of human rights n anti democratic. SC says Parliament shud scrap 377- it MUST. Criminal? How? “

 Chetan Bhagat: “What?! Consensual gay sex ruled illegal in 2014? Shows you how badly India needs new young leaders with a modern outlook”

Kalki Koechlin: “Supreme Court's job is to uphold the right and freedom of every individual, not to decide what is culturally acceptable or not. In this case they failed”

Rahul Bose: “So much for those believing the judiciary is 'the last bastion of common sense' in this country”

Celina Jaitley: “I cannot believe Supreme Court's decision. I have been in shock since it came. Such a contradiction of democracy”


Catholic bishops have made using children as sex toys acceptable. Pope Francis was given an award by gay rights magazine The Advocate..

Philanthropoids of the Rockefeller Foundation had initially funded the pro-homosexual and pro-pedophile research of sexual deviant, Alfred C. Kinsey, at the University of Indiana from 1941 to 1949 to the tune of USD 414,000.

When Fred Henry, the Roman Catholic bishop of Calgary, Alberta, sent a letter to churches explaining traditional Catholic teaching on marriage, he was “charged with a human-rights violation” .


In 3 decades flat , many women have lost touch with their natural loving instincts thanks to Rothschild controlled media.  

Consequently, the family ( fountainhead of happiness ) is in total disarray, sexual depravity is rampant,  birth rates have plummeted and divorce rates have spiked .  

For a mother and a woman, love is an instinctive act of self-sacrifice. She gives herself in gratitude to her to her husband and children and is fulfilled by seeing them thrive and receiving their love, respect and gratitude.  

A woman makes this supreme sacrifice to only one man who will cherish her and provide for his family.  Men instinctively want to fulfill this divine responsibility. They instinctively protect their women and will even sacrifice their lives in this process, the way it is programmed in his DNA.

This is the essence of the heterosexual contract (i.e. marriage) since time immemorial- female power in exchange for male power expressed as love.  Sex is the symbol of this exclusive divine bond meant to procreate rather than for pleasure. Orgasm from LOVE ( and not LUST ) electrically charges healthy sperm.  
Marriage and family may not be for everyone but it is the natural path for most.  Vulgar feminism and women’s lib programmed kick started by BIG BROTHER has trained women to reject this model as "an old fashioned, oppressive stereotype" even though it reflects their natural instincts. 

Love and marriage have been "discredited," by the new world order sponsoring media. Women have nothing left to exchange for love but sex. Thus, many are unnaturally obsessed with appearance , putting plastic inside their bodies and pathetically give their bodies to all and sundry.  

Permanent love is not based on a woman's sex appeal, or personality or achievements. Ultimately, it is based on self-sacrifice. We love the people who love us. 

You can marry the most beautiful woman on the planet, but after 6 months she can be nude and she will NOT give you a raging hard on any more. Even if the marriage was initially based on LUST, a new process called LOVE has now overshadowed hormone release.  

Feminism is mass indoctrination because they cannot identify the perpetrator, the means or the motive. Have your senses NOT been assaulted by the GENDER DIVIDE being done by the foreign funded Indian media?  
The hidden agenda of women’s lib is to destroy the family, which interferes with state brainwashing of the young. 

My sons who has been mothered and brought up the ideal way, will never ever fall prey to big brother’s schemes. A man’s greatest sorrow is to watch his own son wasting away in decadence. 

Displacing men in the traditional role of  providers  destabilizes the family.  To protect their monopoly of credit and wealth, the Rothschild agents are instituting a world police state ("world government") using the bogus 9-11 attack and endless war they trigger and as a pretext. 

Today an atheist Indian Communist by the name of Brinda Karat has accused desh bhakt Baba Ramdev of mixing human body parts in his organic life saving medicines--for this is the agenda of Zionist evil Pharma. 

She does NOT even know that Rothschild created communism and that Karl Marx and Lenin are Jews—and that the founder of Indian Communism MN Roy had a Jewish honeypot wife—Evelyn Trent..

Punch into Google search-


It will take  half a day to read the above post-  but you MUST read it.

Freemasonry had a stooge by the name of Charles Darwin to eliminate god. Big Brother teaches via his media and apparatus that man and not God determines reality.  

They have tried their best to do forgery and created “missing links” between monkey and man— using bone saws and crazy glue.

Punch into Google search-

The new world order generals are tripping over each other to please their boss by over ruling  cosmic, universal , natural and spiritual laws in order to assert their own control .

Rationalists like Joshua Project 2 funded Dr Dhabolkar have been ridiculing Hinduism as a superstitious religion.  He fails to explain why the entire clan of Nuclear and Quantum scientists threw away their bibles and Talmud and started reading Bhagawat Gita and why they left wills to CREMATE their bodies after death.

Why is the white Christian population in the West leaving wills to cremate their bodies today?  Are they all fools?

Punch into Google search.

If you read the desh drohi newspaper TIMES OF INDIA-  every day there is a brainwashing post on SEX and LUST mostly brainwashing women.  All this has NOTHING to do with the Indian social fabric.

Women are exhorted that self-fulfillment lies in career success and not husband and family.  "The social rewards of holding down a job are critical to one's sense of dignity and self worth”.

Two days ago Hritik Roshan’s wife was gleefully telling in every TV channel that her passion is in her work and NOT in serving her husband and kids.  You should have seen her face, standing with two Chutney Marys’ in front of some weird clothes hanging on a clothesline.  

Many women in India have become  schizophrenic as they attempt to reconcile their natural motherly instincts with constant exhortations to do the opposite.  

Zionist owned sex magazines constantly tell men—you don’t need to own a cow to drink milk You don't need to get married to have sex. Marriage and children are a bore and a chore. 

In most foreign funded Indian TV channels a woman anchor will lose her job is she wears sindoor, bindi or a mangalsutra. 

Punch into Google search-


God's love can be seen in a woman's dedication to her husband and children. I would like all my readers to stop reading and reminisce the love your mother gave you.  

Bachelors – ensure that you marry a woman who can take care of you and your children. This is more important than good looks. 

Do you want to see new standards of good looks? Wanna marry a woman like this, who will give you ten times BJ daily and do analingus for you ( provided you reciprocate ) —but will NOT care for your children and will refuse to produce one, as it cramps her style?

There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than a relationship of pure love and desire between a man and a woman.

Stop press:







Do NOT allow big brother to bringing Indian men and women 'head-to-head' in an artificially created conflict, to create a synthesis of the two 'gender roles'.  

Expose these foreign funded New World Order stooges and these soulless MOTH EATEN FACES who come on prime time on TV

A dialectical process is always controlled unseen forces funded and remore controlled by an EVIL elite group interested in power for its own sake.  

As soon as I wrote my Karva Chauth post , why is it that within 24 hours nearly half a lakh Indian downloaded it and many attacked me?  This happens my mass SMS and EMAILS .  

I have already found out the moth eaten kingpins behind this.  

Let them try sending a pigeons next time-- while the going is good .

Social groups rarely come together for revolutionary purposes of their own accord, but must be manipulated into doing so by a power elite.  

All these spontaneous CANDLE LIGHT BHIJILS -- nay – VIGILS are made to happen by foreign funded NGOs, NWO generals ( wolves in sheep’-- clothing ) and their stooges.

Indian security agencies know the Multinational Corporates ( MC really )  involves in all this .  We also know the Zionist foreigners who come to India for – RABBLE ROUSING TOURISM.

Let my readers  be aware and shun all these Satanic programmings:  Democracy with party whips ( our waitress – nay-  QUEEN BEE does this ) , feminism,  homosexuality,  liberalism,  conservatism,  communism,  neo-capitalism ( mostly in mineral rich Africa ) ,  Zionism, Nero’s games, reality TV shows ( in a house like BIGG BOSS full of weirdos ), Pop culture, Mysticism, Freemasonry, Polytheism, Fascism, Atheism, Satanism etc.

In the late 1960s, the NWO introduced feminism it was like lobbing a grenade into every home. The divorce rate skyrocketed.  Most feminists today argue that feminism was a natural out-growth of the medical advances in birth control, but their arguments do not explain why feminism became such a media darling or why the NWO gave it so much free advertising.
Wanna know the divorce rates on this planet?  Wanna know why the West is jealous of the happiness and tranquility of Indian homes?

Country  /         %  Divorce   
Albania /                     19      
Armenia/                     17      
Australia/                    48      
Austria/                       47      
Azerbaijan/                  12      
Bahamas/                     5        
Belarus            /           45      
Belgium/                      71      
Bermuda/                     25      
Bosnia & Herz/             8        
Brazil/                         24      
Bulgaria/                      47       
Canada/                       49   
Chile/                           3        
China/                         22      
Colombia/                    9        
Costa Rica/                  47      
Croatia/                       25      
Cuba/                          53      
Cyprus/                       28      
Czech Republic/           66      
Denmark/                    49      
Dominican Rep/           41      
Ecuador/                     20      
Egypt   /                     17       
El Salvador/                23      
Estonia /                     58      
European Union/          47      
Finland    /                   47      
 France            /           55      
 Georgia/                     19      
 Germany/                   49      
 Gibraltar/                    49      
 Grenada/                    22      
 Greece              /        25      
 Guatemala/                 5        
 Hungary/                    67      
 Iceland           /           37      
 India/                         0.08               
 Iran/                           14      
 Ireland/                       15      
 Israel/                         30      
 Italy    /                      27      
 Jamaica/                      9        
 Japan  /                      36      
 Jordan  /                     25      
 Kazakhstan/               27      
 Kuwait           /           42      
 Kyrgyzstan/                16      
 Latvia /                      52      
 Lebanon/                    17      
 Libya /                        5        
 Liechtenstein  /           48      
 Lithuania/                   53      
 Luxembourg   /           62      
 Mauritius/                   17      
 Mexico  /                    15                 
 Moldova/                    42      
 Mongolia/                   32      
 Montenegro    /           14      
 Netherlands/               46      
 New Zealand /            45      
 Nicaragua/                  17      
 Norway/                     46      
 Panama/                     27      
 Poland            /           28      
 Portugal/                     69      
 Qatar  /                       29      
 Rep of Macedonia/      11       
 Romania         /           28      
 Russia /                      51      
 Saudi Arabia/              20      
 Serbia /                       22      
 Singapore/                   28      
 Slovakia/                    47      
 Slovenia/                    38      
 South Africa/              17      
 South Korea/              35      
 Spain  /                      62      
 Sri Lanka                   0.19                
 Suriname/                   31      
 Sweden/                     49      
 Switzerland/                52      
 Syria   /                      9        
 Tajikistan/                   6        
 Thailand/                    25      
 Trinidad nTobago/      35      
 Turkey   /                   20      
 Ukraine/                     42      
 United Kingdom/         51      
 United States /            56 
 Uzbekistan  /              8        
 Venezuela/                 27      
 Vietnam/                    4         

The foreign funded Indian media is engaged in endless propaganda to divide India by gender.   Today your wife can divorce you for marital rape ( claim she was raped 10 years ago or forced to do oral/ anal sex ) ,  and grab your ancestral property,  thanks to the Catholic waitress.  

See if LGBT do anal/ oral it is fantastic and FREE CHOICE of expressing LOBE- nay- LOVE .  

If you and me do it we must be punished for being indecent,  right?



What are all these CANNED LAUGHTER western TV serials .  

Have you seen these serials where for CHEAP laughs , the wife insults the husband, the 12 year old daughter is sarcastic to her father and the 16 year old son ridicules  his mother?

We have graduated to Indian versions. Have you seen cricketer Sidhu laughing like a donkey who has seen fresh sh#t— to the mindless jokes of Kapil Sharma , who thinks he is damn funny.

Kapil Sharma was given the desh drohi CNN IBN award .

It was NOT lost on anybody that he has been ridiculing Indian society , culture and Hinduism is the name of comedy. 

So this man tweets-

By Kapil .......QUOTE i m a hindu.belong to a brahmin family,i have a lot of respect of all the religions in my heart.but some unauthorized people r spreading some rumours tht i hv insulted hindu saints thru my acts..its my request to them pls watch carefully dat act n then give ur reaction.if i am playing a character of a terrorist.it does'nt mean that i m a terrorist.  i was playing a fake saint in dat act...i m here for making people laugh...not for hurt them..i m a artist.. i respect all religions.. i love my country...some people r sending me stupid msgs like u r a agent of Pakistan..u r not a true hindu.. i m really very disappointed from those people.. may god bless them wid nice thoughts: UNQUOTE 
........Appeal by Kapil Sharma.


The pornographic revolution in the 1960s was supported by the U.S. Supreme Court, lobbied by Zionists. The 1st Amendment was originally meant to cover only political speech, but the court ruled that it protected depravity and sexual smut too.

China has wisely NOT allowed perverted Internet pornography to invade young minds.

Is it by chance that Muslim sugar daddy and NWO stooge Mahesh Bhatt went on the sets of BIGG BOSS and made a porn star Sunny Leone ( with a Jewish husband ) an Indian icon?

Punch into Google search-


Below: is it by chance that the Shetty female next to Mahesh Bhatt is flashing her HITLER  , when in front of a camera ?

Honey Singh is being touted as India’s number 1 singer.  He has  begun to produce music for Bollywood films.  He has been paid the highest fee ever for a Bollywood song , -- more than 72 lakhs.

Hear the song and understand why he got so many awards—example?

BritAsia Best International Act 2012
UK Asian Music Awards Best International Album 2012
MTV VMAI Awards- BEST ARTIST(male) 2013 

Below: Children less than 18 and women are NOT allowed to listen to this video .

Feminism is merely a big brother created cancer that serves to systematically denigrade both men and women at the same time, hence weakening the moral fibre of the human race.  

Its advocates are sanctimonious charlatans who have grown rich and powerful from it. They include a whole class of liars and moral cripples who work for the elite in various capacities: government, education and the media.  

These imposters ought to be exposed and ridiculed. Have you seen our LORD  FU#KLAND – nay – MEGHNATH DESAI who always lisps the lines of big brother? Why is this man the darling of the Indian TV ?  How does he pop up on prime time like a bad penny.  

Why has this atheist and gay activist been awarded the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian of India. What is the catch?  His first wife was Gail Wilson a Brit.

Below: Kingpins of Indian gay activism--Amartya Sen and Lord Fu#kland--nay- Meghnad Desai..

Have you seen when a ship sinks, the women are the first to elbow their way into the life boats—weeping and whimpering. They wont even change their car tyre in case of a puncture— they expect the next man walking along to change it.


Punch into Google search-

By the way the NOW pushing Big Brother has already lined up two slave supreme court judges to reverse the Supreme Court ruling on IPC section 377.

I know that these judges will read this post.

Let me appeal to them.

Gay sex is NOT based on LOVE—it is based on LUST .




The reason why India has only 1.1 million LBGT in a population of 1300 million is because we had  CIRCUMIN (TURMERIC ) in our daily curry and parental love which prevented warped DNA.

India produces nearly the whole world’s crop of turmeric . That Indians have the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s in the world is attributed to the wide use of turmeric ( circumin )with every meal.  

Turmeric is anti-mutagenic due to its ability to inhibit topoisomerase enzymes that control the changes in DNA structure.

Warped DNA is what causes white girls to have menses at the age of 9 —  the great grandmothers of these same girls had got first periods at the age of 14.

Rothschild controlled Time placed foreign funded Trojan Horse NGOS owner 57 year old unmarried woman Anjali Gopalan in its list of the 100 most influential people in the world, as she is the kingpin of LBGT activism in India.  

In 25 October 2013 Anjali Gopalan ( Sikh mother and Tamil father ) was awarded Rothschild remote controlled Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur `Knight in the order of the legions of Honor' which is the highest award from the France.

The notorious homosexual Ashok Row Kavi needs no introduction. He was sponsored with a scholarship  at the International School of Journalism, Berlin, Germany. In 1990, he received funds and founded Bombay Dost, India's first gay magazine.

Below: Ashok Row Kavi with Celina jaitely launching a magazine for homosexuals.

Below: Lesbian and LGBT activist and Big Brother sponsored icon Lady Gaga -- is this what we want ?

Above: Is this what we want?

Above :  Amul churning out toxic A1 milk of humpless cows, is the reason why so Indians spend their lives savings in hospitals.

To shove or NOT to shove?
To insert into as$hole or the mouth ?
To drink pee or to eat sh#t ?

Here is a comment I received from a woman reader -

Hello capt.

Nice message, but as you are talking about LGBT & ancient Indian culture, I would like to direct your attention towards Khajuraho temples built by Aryan kings of Chandravansh dynasty, The temples are full of erotic sculptures of wild Sex & group orgies(this is just the begining) The most shocking ones are the sculptures showing intercourse between Men & Men(gay) Women & women(lesbian) & even between Humans & animals, is that Indian culture you are talking about?? The so called ancient Bhartiya sabhyata?? we all need to re think about what ancient Indians really stood for!!

And capt. So now would you also say that your ancestors were perverts with warped DNA! Are these really filthy western values creeping in or we are seeing the mirror of ancient Indians!!




The white Christian man had even CREATED sculptures and paintings and injected them into ancient temples after aging them for carbon dating.  


Lord Buddha can be seen as the 9th avatar of Vishnu?

Then why was this Buddha man --nay-- god-- of Gautama Gotra struggling for fu#kin' salvation?






None of these moth eaten faces who are rooting for gay rights, have ever experienced TRUE love. They do NOT even know the difference between love and lust.

Today I shall launch into  an explanation, in a way nobody else on this planet can tell you.

Some of you would have been struck by the quintessential  Cupid’s arrow,  but very few graduated from this experience to learn if what they have found is love or lust.  Men have fought great wars over lust,  but they all come back home for love.  

This love is the most ennobling of human emotions — transcendental, exalted and capable of engendering emotional states that can make the male of the species want "to be a better man.".

Well well , what do these moth eaten faces know?   

Love is one of life’s most intense emotions, and when you are in lust it’s easy to think you are feeling love but the two are absolutely different.

Let me start of by explaining LUST.

Lust is just temporary commitment  that last only long enough to fulfill the base desire.  After a gay pervert has ejaculated on the same gender in a crowded bus,  the first thing he tries to do is to escape at the next bus stop.

For lust is only interested is self pleasure as it is basically sexual greed -- far away from romantic love.


Lust is physical chemistry over a short period of time.  It is filled with desire, passion, acquisitiveness and intense animal emotions. 


Brokeback mountain, a movie about homosexuality has won umpteen awards and the main steam media went to town praising the movie. 

Gay Director, Ang Lee's movie "Brokeback Mountain" (2006) was part of this subversive campaign to mainstream homosexuality. Our own Karan Johar is trying his best to do this. 

Effective propaganda mixes truth with deception. The deception lies in the movie's assumption that it is normal and natural for men to indulge in homosexual behavior. 

"I ain't queer," one says. "Me neither," the other replies. Then they jump into the sack together. The implication is that all men are in denial. In reality, healthy men and women naturally find homosexual sex repugnant – nay—PTHEEOOY !  

No matter how much the media disguises it, most gays want gross perverted sex not marriage.  

Heterosexuality is much more than opposite-sex attraction. It's about monogamy (marriage) reproduction and child-rearing. This is how  most of us develop and fulfill ourselves. Obviously, this natural process is also essential for societal health. 

Many good looking women become ambitious and waste their most fertile years competing with men.  In India at least once they are over the age of 30, nobody wants to marry them. The media encourages them to be sluts, and experiment with lesbianism.

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder resulting in failure to permanently bond with a member of the opposite sex. This has become a common social affliction as divorce rates soar and marriage and birth rates plummet.

Homosexuals why marry view adopted children are viewed as a nuisance rather than as an extension of themselves and a source of infinite love and joy. 

When a man hugs his own son, he is breathing in his own blood and genes --and feels ecstatic.  

The pathetic movie ends on a nostalgic note recalling the glory days having sex on Brokeback Mountain.

Oh Boy ! 



-as Pooja Misra of BIGG BOSS would have said –SPARE ME !

Getting back-

Unsatisfied lust results in sexual frustration and emotional rigidity.   Lust when not tempered with compassion and empathy,  can lead to extreme emotionally damaging behavior.  

Lust is highly variable -- it may deepen or dissipate with the passage of time . For men, lust is a heady experience; the brain goes on hold and  surges of testosterone run the show.  

Raging hormones can easily disguise themselves as feelings of love. Lust can causes a man to think with his crotch and throw all reason and logic to the wind-- apparently there is a one way valve for blood flow between brain and the erect dong. While in animal lust a man does NOT care if the woman has anything at all in common with him.

While in lust a man is not interested in where a woman comes from or where she's going.  His brain is only focused on using his key to unlock the door to her secret cave. He will make hazaar excuses  not to spend time with her, except for sex. He wants to leave after sex without wasting times on mushy cuddles. 

Lust is what a man feels when he goes to a whore. He will NOT even wait for the whore to dress up. For lust is short-term fun, while love is the long haul.  Even though the two sometimes masquerade as each other, you should be able to tell the difference. 

Lust is what first brings people together. It’s that initial desire to be with the person, while love is the desire to stay with him or her. Lust produces NO deep emotional bonding, what you feel when you love a person. 

Lust can only be a deep physical attraction and never a mental connection. Lust is what brings you in and love is what keeps you there. When you are in love with someone, you see a future with the other person and your partner is included in your life plans . 

Lust is usually for the short term and love is for the long term. 

This is why gay lust does NOT last and they look for multiple partners, often two timing and three timing them. Lust is an infatuation, while love keeps people together long after the infatuation has faded. . 

Lust is an emotion you can rely on coming on strong and right away, whereas, love and romance are connected to trust, loyalty and an deep and magic emotional attachment, where time stands still.

Below:  Did anybody say that gays lack perception? --think again ! TEE HEEEEE !!

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. If your partner is the first person that you think about when you want to share your innermost thoughts, then you may be in love.

There is a great willingness to make sacrifices for another and working at settling differences. There is this ability to compromise so that either both win or at least give the other person's opinion a chance. 

Love creates commitment to another and intentions are genuine intentions.  You don’t ake an ass out of a person you love. They think about the other person's feelings before acting.

Love fosters security, peace, inner happiness and a stable , solid partnership which can provide the ideal atmosphere to raise confident, content and secure children. Love is unconditional and the real deal.

Below: In the comments column there is a Singhania female who does NOT mind her husband groping other females under water in the pool and making out.

When you talk to a person you love , you get lost in your conversations, and the hours pass like minutes.  You're more than willing to listen to her when she goes on and on about her day. 

The chemistry between you is magic.  You find her beautiful even if you catch her sweaty doing some chore in the garden with with no makeup on . Her smile looks so beautiful to you.and you want to cuddle her.

It really does NOT matter if she does NOT allow you to pet her or even make love to her ( you dont use the word screw ) . All you want to do is to be with her, whether you're having sex or not. 
Even if she tells you that sex will have to wait, you don't care

Love sees a bright future together . There is this feeling that your life would be totally empty without her.  

You want to introduce her to your family  . It becomes suddenly important to you that your parents like her, and that she gets along with everyone close to you.  You include her in all your plans . 

If she's not there, you can't get her off your mind and sneak off to give her a quick "I miss you" phone call.

WEE digression-- 

Wonder how many gays introduce their boy friends to their parents—and how many gays want to have gay children –  don’t fu#kin’ lie , you dripping ch00ts.

The woman wants you to be a better man and will try to stop you smoking. She challenges and motivates you.  She makes you happy, and you'd do anything to make her happy.

When you are in love, you will find yourself connecting with the other person and feeling an emotional engagement with him or her.  

Lust sets you out looking for romance while Love is an extraordinary experience.  If you’re truly hoping to find love, remember that love has to be nurtured like a plant.

Below: Opposites attract!

This is what the editorial board of Rothschild controlled NEW YORK TIMES has to say about IPC sec 377 being upheld by Supreme Court  QUOTE “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh now has an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of progress before his government steps down next spring. His cabinet should act immediately to seek a repeal of Section 377. This 1861 law has no place in a 21st-century democracy.”  UNQUOTE .

Rothschild has made sure that this newspaper  won 112 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization .  Pulitzer is a prize awarded by Columbia University USA.  Columbia university was made with Opium drug money by Rothschild.  

Like I said before NO man or woman is born as gay. Almost all  gays have been molested by an older person gay , and they likes the LUST involved. 95% of the gays admit that  that their first partner was an older pedophile gay . 

Those raised in atheist homes are more likely to become gay. A lot of white men comes to India to adopt male children. Most of these unfortunate boys are made to do fellatio and sodomised on a daily basis.

Just yesterday UK business tycoon Richard Branson has called on Zionist companies and Western tourists to boycott Uganda after its parliament approved a bill to toughen the punishment for homosexual acts.

He spAke : "Governments must realise that people should be able to love whoever they want "

Hey Richard Branson—do you have the guts to do the same with India ?  Or are you just a bully who picks on the weak?


The gay club Heaven is located underneath Charing Cross railway station in Central London, just off Trafalgar Square.   Richard Branson owns this joint since 1991 , but be does NOT affix his Virgin logo on this gay club .

Below video" Lady gaga exposing her twat at Richard Branson's decadent Heaven club.

Below : In the video below Bill Gates gives bull about CO2 as a greenhouse gas causing Global warming. 

He also has a SLIP OF THE TONGUE where he admits that vaccines can be used to reduce population .

Punch into Google search-

In India the foreign funded Gulabi gang  is a group of more than 20000 stick holding ( to beat up men ) brandishing women vigilantes dressed in garish pink sarees.  

The Gulabi gang was founded in 2006 by Sampat Pal Devi, who was an inmate of BIGG BOSS 6, where she fell from grace for lying through her teeth and behaving like an unstable schizophrenic megalomaniac .  

The Gulabi gang network had already risen to over 1.4 lakh members across the world. 

A veritable FOREIGN FUNDED globe- trotter, the uncouth woman has travelled to several European and Scandinavian countries . We know who paid for her airfare and hotel stays abroad. 

Now Madhuri Dixit will play Rajjo in a Bollywood movie “Gulaab Gang” where she will act as Sampat Pal Devi. 

Every mainstream post on the internet says the same line --

QUOTE  They once stormed electricity office in Banda distt; and forced officials to turn back the power they cut in order to extract Bribes from the villagers.UNQUOTE. 

Is there any law in India which permits a gang of rowdy women to beat up men?

What do these rustic goonda women know about electricity of power stations ? 

Is it safe to storm an electricity station and force them to turn on the AC power ? 

What does this have to do with women's rights? 

Why is this foreign funded woman being allowed to play to the gallery?

Under the guise of "womens rights", the Zionists have started playing their vulgar games in Indian villages to attack the love between husband and wife, mother and child .  The ideal harmonious village family fabric is now being destroyed by the Illuminati social engineers who have undermined gender and marriage with the complicity of our government and big brother remote controlled media.


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Nitin Desai, former UN Under-Secretary General;
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Now I must tell a true joke-

In our of our shipboard parties, a Sardarjee electrical officer ( a senior citizen ) told us about his own experience — which had all of in splits  

He went to a whorehouse in Mumbai Grant road , and selected a young attractive girl.

He says he was so impressed with her innocent beauty , that he started treating her like LADY DIANA .

The girl kept quiet for some time –and then she lost her temper ( time is money, right?)

She demanded to know in a VERY gruff voice ( sounding like the big bad wolf ).


He lost his hop in a second -- and came out without doing what he went there for , wasting his money.

Love at first sight is not believable.  Love takes time.  Lust at first sight sounds much more accurate.  

If you still feel attracted when your lust is satisfied, then it's LOBE - nay - love.

The above true incident gives me a higher platform to talk again about LOVE and LUST

It takes a leap of faith to drop your defenses and trust your partner with the feelings, thoughts, and dreams that are most essentially yours.

Bitti Mohanty while in hiding thought that a girl from Kerala loved him and he dropped his defences and told her who exactly he is – a fugitive from law in disguise.  The first thing this ungrateful girl did was to let him down and to get him arrested.

Who is Bitti Mohanty?   

He is the gullible guy who does NOT know how a white woman’s mind works.  Is is about culture clashes.   In India is a girl stays with her boyfriend in the same hotel room, on the same bed , wearing skimpy revealing clothes , it means total surrender, unless she is a cock teaser.

Punch into Google search-

Bitti Mohanty must console himself that soon he will get out of jail. But if he had married that Kerala girl, he would be in a worse prison all his life.

Real love brings out the best in people.

We have two cricketeers S Sreeshant and Ankit Chauhan whose careers were ruined by mafia BCCI, with fake cases—and that too for a vulgar circus like IPL , when people are auctioned and sold like cattle..

But the women they loved , went ahead and married them.  They both have found true love , and must be envied.  Not a single celebrity of cricketer friend attended Sreeshant’s wedding to a Rajput princess.  

I guess he is better off without such friends. They all wanted to be around him as he was in the world cup winning teams of  ODI/ T20 and the No 1 test nation by rankings .  

Without the mental disintegration Sreeshant provided ( just giving back as good as we got ) Indian would NOT have beaten the extravagantly UGLY Aussies for the No 1 test team spot.

Punch into Google search-


Above: Sreeshant with a Bharatiya Nari bride.

See, even the young whore knew that people in lust are only interested in sex . They have NOT paid for  dainty conversation.   

She knows why a perverted customer has come.   She is NOT gonna blush for him.   She is NOT gonna allow a customer to chat her up with corny superficial talk which has zilch meaning. 

By the way when you select a bride for your son, ensure that she has NOT forgotten how to blush— for it is the most potent charm in a woman.  

How many of you think that Celina Jaitley who had a live in gay boyfriend can blush?   

Can we let our imagination run riot and figure out  which all orifices he would have preferred and in which order, and whether there were cobwebs on any ?

Below: This is what I call an unexplored passage.

You know that it is LOVE when you do NOT need to get physical to feel connected to the other person. You feel complete and happy just holding her hand or talking to her. If at all you have sex with such a person you love, it is mind blowing literally an explosion of divine passion.

Lust is like going to the loo. LUST is that quick satisfying feeling that quickly goes away after all is said and done. Something akin to—you were feeling PEEYUSH , so you peed and now you are fine and out of the toilet. 

This is what lustful gay love is all about.  But mind you , he needs a new pee pot at regular intervals.

I am afraid there are a lot of bad words in this post.

But at the same times this post will be the BEST post when it comes to revealing the signs of a healthy relationship , which cannot be found or is NOT taught anywhere else.

Most young people dealing with love's intense roller-coaster emotions, may not realize when a relationship is unhealthy.   

Everybody  wrongly thinks that “love conquers all.”- when they do NOT even know how to differentiate between LOVE and LUST.

Below: Triple Sri with a Magsaysay award winner.

Triple Sri has committed blasphemy by saying on prime time TV that Lord Ayyappa is the off spring of two homosexuals Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu-- an attack from within .  

This was parroted by all foreign funded channels with special gusto by anchors like Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesia, Sagarika Ghose etc and Rothschild Communists like Brinda Karat..

I want every ART OF LIVING devotee abroad to read the post below - at the end of the post I have explained the astounding DVAITA HINDUISM how 3 forces BRAHMA-VISHNU-SHIVA control the cosmos.

Punch into google search-

I have some advise for CHUTNEY MARYs whose pea brains cannot distinguish between love and lust or SPACE given by LOBE nay love or whatever.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.   It's love when a woman rejoices for her partner's happiness and his dreams ,  even if that means being away from her .  Love involves personal sacrifice, and it grows slowly.  

Who can talk about this better than a sailor of 40 years.  Of course my wife sailed with me for 9 years and later when children arrived our concern was more for our children than ourselves . We will NOT put our children in boarding schools or allow them to say with the grandparents. This sowed love is what we reap today.

If you love someone, you look forward every morning to waking up to seeing her  face, and you genuinely care about all that she says.

A woman driven by lust is searching for physical pleasure, while someone who is in love is in search of deeper joy and happiness.  

A man who is in love with a woman cares about the quality of the time ( this excludes sex which he can get from a whorehouse OR if he wants to get his rocks off he will use pornography or use his imagination  ) you spend together.   Emotional intimacy with her is more  important to him as physical intimacy.

Love is not about "me" – what I can have? –  it's about "you"—what can I do to make your life richer and happier ?   When we separate "love" from "lust" in this way, WE becomes more important than ME.

When a man loves a woman his stomach flutters, chemistry sizzles, time stands still. He has enough energy to burn .

The couple can even commit joint suicide. Who will commit suicide for a RANDI  smoking and flashing her pantyless crotch--  or a creep who tries to shove his dick in the nearest hairy or hairless orifice --above water or under water ?

The longer you can hold off on physical intimacy the better your chances are of the relationship growing    Love accepts things as it is . The woman does NOT see the need to wear make up or put plastic in her tits to hold on to her man.

The difference between love and lust is the attitude of your heart. If you’re in love, the attitude of your heart is one of selflessness, with the other person as your focus, whereas if you are in lust the attitude of your heart will be one of selfishness, with yourself as the focus.

True love is driven by a divine desire to provide for, nurture and care for the other persons needs.   Love is was endures long after the high feelings of base lust are gone. 

Love is what makes you stay with someone even thought the butterflies and feelings of lust are gone.   Love is when you want to do all you can for someone not expecting anything in return at all.

Ask any long-married couples ( over 30 years ) , they all said their love grew over time rather than faded away.  Even though you may thoroughly enjoy having sex with your partner, spending time together is just as important.   Being able to lie in bed in the dark and talk about anything and everything is a sure sign that you truly are in love.

If you want to listen to their feelings and emotions then you are connecting with your partner on an emotional level rather than a physical level it is love .  A larger step in a relationship is meeting each other’s family.  

If you love someone, you want to her to you  show your family who cares for you. How many gays and lesbians will take their partners home?  For deep inside they know that they do NOT follow the laws of the universe.


Here is what our official “under aged optimist creep”  NWO stooge Chetan Bhagat says in TOI today

QUOTE  :  BJP took an old-school RSS stance on Section 377.   BJP`s stance, and their bizarre rationale for it, which included words like `unnatural` and 'against Indian culture', sent a scare down the spines of many young voters. UNQUOTE

Love is the foundation of stable societies—only .  "Love at first sight" is only infatuation.  Real love comes with knowing someone and caring for one another over some time.   Often, an infatuation runs its course in six months or less.   You might like another person, enjoy spending time together,  enjoy doing a lot of the same things. 

Lust is one of the gates to Naraka ( hell ).   As fire is covered by smoke, as a mirror is covered by dust, or as the embryo is covered by the womb,  the living entity is similarly covered by different degrees of this lust.   Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna, ( verse 21) 4000 BC

We have arranged marriages in Hindusim because we know that people mistake LUST and INFATUATION for LOVE.

And for many LOVE is just a shrewd “arrangement of convenience “.   If you are in Timbuctoo you fall in love with someone in Timbuctoo — BIGG BOSS or whatever. 

Below : An arrangement of convenience? -- a 37 year old Tanisha , beyond child bearing age?.

Lust is driven by an base desire to provide for and care for our own sinful passions.  Lust is a strong initial sexual attraction usually based on physical appearance.  Once that physical desire ends, your interest in them usually ends.

It's lust when you rejoice for being together, even at the cost of your partner's happiness.  A discussion of true feelings is unlikely to happen, and if you try to initiate one, he may quickly change the subject.

If your guy does not want to get to know you on a deeper level but still wants you around, he is most likely interested in lust . Lust is overwhelmingly powerful and it's driven by pheromones – although we're not generally aware of that .

If you find a person's face and body gorgeous, and the things he does or his bank balance pushes your buttons, then you have lust, and it feels fantastic; but it's not love with an emotional connection.

Below:  Looking for LOBE-- nay-- love. Keep your underage daughter away from such depraved preying lesbian woman --who love ( this is where their love starts and ends ) to use TONGUE POWER..

When the chemicals start to fade from your body, the lust will disappear; and you'll be wondering what you ever saw in him.  

Alcohol and late-night meetings for a quick hump are not a good combination if you’re trying to take a relationship to the next level emotionally. 

Lust is amazingly self serving, love is unlimited and unselfish,  and although love doesn't exclude lust, it's handy to know the difference between the two.  

It is most likely lust, if you don't care about what he has to say.

Lust is the first thing that develops when you are attracted to someone-  say a girl with gargantuan tits and a plunging neckline, is jogging in the park in mini skirt --  literally making jogging a male spectator sport..  

None of the male spectators ( or female lesbians ) look at her in LOVE.  For lust is completely shallow and superficial.  

Lust is a physical emotion that we act upon in the "heat of the moment."  

Below: Ever heard of a bitch in heat ? The NWO wants such decadence , including nude LBGT beaches to come to India -- we wont allow it. 

If you lie to someone in order to get into bed with her, that's lust.



I WANT Indians to be aware of the hidden agenda .

The Supreme Court order upset the High Court order on IPC section 377.

So what was the High court order?

On 2 July 2009 Delhi High Court verdict legalized homosexuality.  A Division Bench of Justice A.P. Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar in its 105-page order said: “We declare that Section 377 of the IPC, insofar as it criminalises consensual sexual acts of adults in private, is violative of Articles 21 [Right to Protection of Life and Personal Liberty], 14 [Right to Equality before Law] and 15 [Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or Place of Birth] of the Constitution.

“We hold that sexual orientation is a ground analogous to sex, and that discrimination on sexual orientation is not permitted under Article 15,” the judgment said.

However, the court clarified that “the provisions of Section 377 will continue to govern non-consensual penile non-vaginal sex and penile non-vaginal sex involving minors “

Gay marriages are NOT allowed by the high court ruling .

Now the Supreme Court has overturned this INCOMPLETE FOR LGBT high court judgement.

The stage is now set for legalizing gay marriages and pedophile tourism  ( VISA ON ARRIVAL ) .

There is endless false propaganda by foreign funded Indian media , that the entire Indian nation ( except a few Hindu bigots like Baba Ram Dev Narendra Modi  etc ) are shocked and revolted by the Supreme court judgement.

The false propaganda includes that the Indian LGBT community is  30 %  of India’s population , while in reality it is less than  0.0087 %  .     

This VERY low rate is due to family values and the warped DNA healing spices in our food like Circumin ( turmeric ).

Magsaysay award winner ATHEIST Arvind Kejriwal (the most dangerous foreign funded man in India today) and his party- the Aam Aadmi Party have strongly condemned the Supreme Court judgement.

QUOTE "The Aam Aadmi party is disappointed with the judgment of the Supreme Court upholding the Section 377 of the IPC and reversing the landmark judgment of the Delhi High Court on the subject. 

The Supreme Court judgment thus criminalizes the personal behavior of consenting adults. This not only violates the human rights of such individuals, but goes against the liberal values of our Constitution, and the spirit of our times. 

Aam Aadmi Party hopes and expects that the Supreme Court will review this judgment and that the Parliament will also step in to repeal this archaic law "- UNQUOTE 

The Italian waitress –now- Empress and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi asked the parliament to amend Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

QUOTE - The High Court has wisely removed an archaic, repressive and unjust law that infringed on the basic human rights enshrined in our Constitution.  This constitution has given us a great legacy, a legacy of liberalism and openness that enjoined us to combat prejudice and discrimination of any kind. We are proud that our culture has always been an inclusive and tolerant one.I hope that parliament will address this issue and uphold the constitutional guarantee of life and liberty to all citizens of India, including those directly affected by this judgment -UNQUOTE

Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1917 after the Czar was murdered by Jew Rothschild sponsored Bolshevik revolution.

It was recriminalised under Stalin in 1933 and decriminalised again in 1993 by Rothschild stooge Boris Yeltsin ( Jew Boris Jelzman).

In June 2013 , the Russian parliament passed a law banning “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations” that effectively makes it illegal to speak publicly in defence of gay rights, let alone hold gay pride events.  

India must follow suit. We cannot have these debauched characters preying on young children.

In Australia, on December 11, 2013 , only a week after a law making same-sex marriage legal in the Australian Capital Territory came into effect, the federal High Court overturned it and 27 gay marriages were automatically dissolved. “Whether same sex marriage should be provided for by law is a matter for the federal parliament,” said the judges. The new prime minister, Tony Abbott, has already said he opposes it, so there will be no new legislation there soon.

Homosexuality is now illegal in 83 countries including India.

Netherlands was the first country to legalise gay marriages. 

It is NO wonder that Arvind Kejriwal allegedly has received heavy funds from The Dutch embassy to boost the homosexual friendly world population .

When we were young cadets 4 decades ago, we have seen the depraved and debauched red light districts of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.   

Below: This is what happened when the soil of your country is pumped with artificial fertilisers, pesticides , you eat GM / processed foods and you drink barrels of A1 toxic milk from humpless cows.

Below: Amsterdam's gay parade--this is what happens when nations become decadent-- young 6 year olds are watching all this. 



Amsterdam, in particular is often associated with gay emancipation, as it provided the setting for the world’s first legally recognized ‘gay marriage’ in 2001, and hosts the famous but creepy gay parade with festively decorated boats floating through the city’s picturesque canals each year.

Below: Amsterdam's Gay parade.

Recently we has NWO stooge Chetan Bhagat ridiculing Baba Ramdev on a public platform – a fellow guest.   He asked Ramdev is can cure homosexuality by yoga.

We Indians do NOT care for Chetan Bhagat and his bullsh#t books sponsored by Big Brother. 

Since this ugly looking creep worked for Rothschild’s controlled Goldman Sachs , he has always been  pushing the sinister agenda of the Banking Cartel.   No wonder he automatically got included in Rothschild controlled Time Magazine’s  100 Most Influential People .

In my post about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga I has introduced my readers to Amygdala.

Punch into Google search-

Today I shall expound further about amygdala.

Homosexuality has to do with the amygdala. This is why Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga which can stimulate the vagus nerve and amygdala can control wild urges where gays and lesbians prey on underage children .  A lot of these underage children with warped DNA become gays and lesbians later on in life.

The Amygdala is a sexually differentiated organ meaning that it is different in men, women and  homosexuals. Male erections and orgasms are triggered in the amygdala.

The ability to feel specific base sexual desire, the ability to feel love for the same gender as a complex emotions, is made possible by the amygdala.

It is a paradox that most homosexual men and straight women have almost identically constructed amygdalas.

It is another paradox that most straight men and lesbians have identically shaped amygdala's. .
Emotional memories  are buried deep in the amygdala. The amygdala is directly involved in the perception of sexual pheromones.  

The amygdala controls all aspects of emotional and sexual functioning.  Electrical stimulation of the amygdala induces uterine contractions, milk production, ovulation and erections in males.

The amygdala also controls cortisol which is a fight or flight hormone. This hormone is toxic and a chemical weapon of brain destruction.  It's also the belly fat hormone.  Cortisol is not relevant to the amygdala.   However oxytocin keeps cortisol in check because it takes it pushed it out in the urine.

Otherwise toxiic cortisol would eat away at the hippocampus, a major pleasure center of the brain. 

Brain imaging studies indicate that oxytocin keeps the amygdala balanced.  Oxytocin helps us to forget negative experiences.  

This is why homosexuals are shameless—they get caught and hammered but after one hour he starts groping young boys again in crowded public transport.

Amygdala is a  very emotional structure. And it's mighty quick . If you suddenly see a king cobra with a reared up head near your leg and  you feel a 'burst' of fear, that's your right amygdala.

If you feel a burst of elation when someone looks at you with seductive bed room eyes that is your left  amygdala playin’ up.

When lesbians pet they takes in molecules of estrogen and oxytocin emitted by the other's body. When gays pet they inhale each other's testosterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Lesbians experience more oxytocin while gays experience less oxytocin and more vasopressin.

Oxytocin receptors are expressed by neurons in the amygdala. Nasally administered oxytocin can reduce fear, possibly by inhibiting the amygdala . Oxytocin has a half-life of around three minutes in the blood.  Oxytocin given intravenously does not enter the brain in significant quantities - it is excluded from the brain by the blood-brain barrier.

Oxytocin is released into the blood during labour - triggering the production of breast milk - and floods the brain during breastfeeding, helping mother and baby bond.  In spray form, oxytocin ( mixed with one more hormone )  can make a man 'feel' like a woman. Oxytocin which instills trust, increases loyalty, and promotes the “tend and befriend” response.

Oxytocin nasal spray is used in hospitals to induce labour, and so it  means the sprays should not be used by pregnant women.

Oxytocin ( plus another hormone ) can be used to con people of their money. They say a fool and his money are soon parted—but here it will happen sooner , to the most skeptic person.


The fear-processing circuitry is briefly damped.

Oxytocin injected into the cerebrospinal fluid causes an instantaneous hard on in rats TEE HEEEE!

A woman's sex drive peaks in her late 20s and early 30s.  As a result of decreased testosterone as men age, they tend to become more compassionate as their levels go down. Conversely, as a woman's estrogen level decreases with age, she will become more assertive. Now you know why 3 of our women CM s are the way they are.

Two major hormones involved in a feeling of gay attachment; oxytocin and vasopressin.  An enlarged subpopulation of vasopressin containing neurons can be found in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of homosexual men as compared to heterosexuals. 

Vasopressin is a hormone in the commitment stage and is released after lustful sex.  Vasopressin is calle "the monogamy chemical", and suppression of vasopressin can cause males to abandon their love nest and seek prey..

Dopamine is tied into sexual desire while norepinephrine is related to subjective excitement.
That initial butterflies  that comes when we're first falling in love includes a racing heart, flushed skin and sweaty palms.  This is due to the dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine we're releasing. 

Dopamine is the the "pleasure chemical," producing a feeling of bliss.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that affects pleasure and motivation. It causes a sensation akin to a substance-induced high. Dopamine is  activated by cocaine .

Norepinephrine is similar to adrenaline and produces the racing heart and excitement.  Together these two chemicals produce elation, intense energy, sleeplessness, craving, loss of appetite and focused attention.  

People in love have lower levels of serotonin and the neural circuits associated with the way we usually assess others are suppressed.  These lower serotonin levels are the same as those found in people with obsessive-compulsive disorders,  explaining why those in love "obsess" about their partner. 

Serotonin is a hormone that make people temporarily insane.

Hormones that are present in the brain when people experience infatuation include testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are more commonly found during the attraction phase of a relationship. 

Oxytocin and vasopressin are linked to longer term bonding and relationships characterized by strong attachments.

Lust is brought on by surges of sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. These induce an indiscriminate scramble for base physical gratification.   Testosterone levels shoot up in a man even during a casual chat with an attractive female stranger. The stronger the hormonal reaction, the more marked the changes in behavior. 

Events occurring in the brain when we are in love have similarities with mental illness.  Women who sniffed androstadienone, a signaling chemical found in male sweat, saliva, and semen, experience higher levels of the hormone cortisol. 

This results in sexual arousal and improved mood. The effect lasts more than one hour. Falling in love involves the enhanced secretion of b-Phenylethylamine (PEA, or the "love chemical") in the first 2 years of the relationship.   

Sexual foreplay and intercourse stimulate the same parts of a woman’s body that are involved in giving birth and nursing. Flushed cheeks, a racing heart beat and clammy hands are some of the outward signs of being in love. But inside the body there are definite hormone and chemical signs that cupid has fired his arrow. 

Lust is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Testosterone is not confined only to men. It also plays a major role in the sex drive of women.  

Endorphins are also involved in the longevity of love. Endorphins have the same pain-killing and pleasure-delivering properties as their cousin, morphine, without the risk of overdose.

PEA or phenylethylamine and it is PEA which controls the transition from lust to love. Similar in structure to amphetamine, PEA too gives us that excitement we crave. Indeed, some people become veritable love junkies. They need a constant love high and go through life in a series of short multiple relationships which crumble when the initial chemical rush wanes.

The love junky has another problem too. After some times he builds a tolerance to these chemicals eventually, so it takes more and more to produce that much sought after high.  

Love junkies, if they stay married, are likely to seek frequent affairs to fuel their need for the chemical love high—these are the ones who try to MENTALLY COPULATE with every single attractive female they walk past.

Time to digress- to put something very relevant.

Namaste Capt ji,

An off topic, Sir what is this Protocols of the the Learned Zion is about?
and with ur permission may I know who is your Guru who has given you such magnificent knowledge about our Sanatana Dharma and Spiritual content? KOTI KOTI pranam to the Guru.



  1. hi m,

    POZ was a plan for the Jews to achieve global domination — by a meeting where the minutes leaked out.

    The meeting happened before the Russian Czar was murdered and the Red Bolshevik revolution.

    What Hitler before WW2 told has become true. 

    The Jews want global hegemony by subverting the morals of all non-Jews ( leaving out their stooges ) by controlling the press and the world's economies. 
  2. Today everybody knows what is happening in this internet age.

    The Jews even dragged Lord Vishnu into it.

    QUOTE -Our Government will resemble the Hindu god Vishnu. Each of our hundred hands will hold one spring of the social machinery of State -UNQUOTE — Protocols, p. 65


    OH YEAH ?

    capt ajit vadakayil
  3. #####################

great JayaPrakash Narayan aka Lok Nayak recvd Magsaysay award in 1965. he is supposedly the mentor of Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar.

how do we explain this case.



  1. hi jd,

    just because JP was against indira gandhi during emergency , you all think that he is a great patriot?

    rothschild wanted indira gandhi OUT --as she nationalised the indian banks .

    JP was sponsored by rothschild to study at Berkeley USA -- never mind all his sob stories about being in poverty in USA.

    he was introduced rothschild's relative german jew karl marx's works while in USA by rothschild's agents.

    JP was very ethusiastic when the russian czar was murdered and the red bolshevik reolution by rothschild funded Jews took place.

    he was a supporter of MN Roy, the founder of Indian communism --with a Jewish honey pot wife Evelyn Trent.

    JP was under the wing of rothschild stooge gandhi, who mentored him as required by rothschild.

    Jayaprakash Narayan made a rothschild sponsored trip to Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv, 1958

    JP got the Bharat Ratna in 1999 and the desh drohi Magsaysay award.


    capt ajit vadakayil
One of my readers has just provoked me over JP. His comment was NOT published .

Now I will give a reference, which usually I do NOT.  People find it very difficult to imagine that JP could be a Rothschild stooge.

I will now go one step further.

Jayaprakash Narayan was CIA  !! 

His job was to get Indira Gandhi (who nationalized Indian banks)  down . 

The road to “emergency declaration “  and all the tamasha was “created” by big brother.

Punch into google search-

The man who wrote this post will NOT even know who JP is , where he is from or what he did . 

He just provided a spook list.

Do NOT make me open my mouth any more — see a mighty god has just fallen by the wayside .

Rothschild’s agent , Ford foundation representative, Steven Solnick ( picture below ) , told Business Standard -- QUOTE “  the Foundation’s last installment to Kabir (an NGO run by Magsaysay award winners Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia) was in 2010. Our first grant to the NGO was of $1,72,000 in 2005 ; the second was in 2008 of $1,97,000 ” UNQUOTE

In reply to an RTI query that questioned the funding and expenditure of Kabir, the organisation has disclosed that they have received funds from the Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nationals Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

Why is India allowing Trojan Horse NGOs of Kejriwal to receive grants from international agencies like the Ford Foundation ( for pushing gay marriages,  anti-nuclear movement etc ) . 

They must be barred from participating in the shaping of Indian public policy and hence banned from 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

When the notorious homosexual ( receiving party ) RITUPARNA GHOSH died the foreign funded Indian media acted as if the world has come to an end.

This creep was shamelessly openly gay.  

Towards the last few years of his life he adopted a feminine persona, wearing wigs, makeup, and women’s clothes to public appearances and events.

So he – or was it she- died of complications of beauty surgery— breast implants and a tummy tuck ( abdominoplasty ) . Maybe the loose flesh was flapping around and creating noise pollution while on all fours. 

He has a favourite profile when his beady eyes spotted a photopgrapher . He or she would cry “ “Ei dik theke nao (take the picture from this side),” shoving the preferred profile into the camera.

Such was his greed to seduce the same sex at the age of 49 , that being a diabetic he risked his life with hormone replacement therapy.

Below: Flaunting his tits --PTHEEEOOOYY !

The press gave a bulls#it story that he died of a massive heart attack ( always massive, right?) Some media screwed it up by saying he died of pancreatitis.

Below video: Demand for "PEDOPHILE RIGHTS".

Big Brother remote controlled US Republicans attempted to add an amendment specifying that “pedophilia is not covered as an orientation;” however, the amendment was defeated by Democrats.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fl) stated that all alternative sexual lifestyles should be protected under the law.

“This bill addresses our resolve to end violence based on prejudice and to guarantee that all Americans, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability or all of these ‘philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’ that were put forward need not live in fear because of who they are. I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this rule.”

The White House praised the bill saying, “At root, this isn’t just about our laws; this is about who we are as a people. This is about whether we value one another  – whether we embrace our differences rather than allowing them to become a source of animus.”

So if we see a gay sodomising a small boy, we are supposed to give the pervert a thumbs up signal and walk away.

In early 2013,  two psychologists in Canada declared that pedophilia is a sexual orientation just like homosexuality or heterosexuality. 

Van Gijseghem, psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal, told members of Parliament, “Pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offense from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality.” 

He went on to say, “True pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation. You cannot change this person’s sexual orientation”

Dr. Quinsey, professor emeritus of psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, agreed with Van Gijseghem. Quinsey said pedophiles’ sexual interests prefer children and, “There is no evidence that this sort of preference can be changed through treatment or through anything else.”

In July, 2010 Harvard health Publications said, “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation and unlikely to change. Treatment aims to enable someone to resist acting on his sexual urges.”

Linda Harvey, of Mission America, said the push for pedophiles to have equal rights will become more and more common as LGBT groups continue to assert themselves. “It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages; to convince them that normal friendship is actually a sexual attraction.”

The IASHS lists, on its website, a list of “basic sexual rights” that includes “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.” 

Another right is to, “be free of persecution, condemnation, discrimination, or societal intervention in private sexual behavior” and “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.” The organization also says that no one should be “disadvantaged because of  age.”

Sex offender laws protecting children have been challenged in several states including California, Georgia and Iowa. Sex offenders claim the laws prohibiting them from living near schools or parks are unfair because it penalizes them for life.

Below: We must protect the RIGHT TO CHOICE -- correct?



Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals. 

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, under pressure from big brother . This causes a spurt in AIDS. 

People started buying up Amyl Nitrile glass ampoules ( poppers )and carrying it in their pockets for a quckie ( anal sex ) in dark corners of parks and adult movie hall toilets. Amyl Nitrile capsules are crushed and sniffed and this cause an IMMEDIATE  relaxation of the anal sphincter muscles which allow easy penile entry without too much of pain ( bleeding ). 

These poppers also expands blood vessels and  increase heart rate for the euphoric state. These perverts are  more orgasmic oriented, as opposed to pleasuring someone. . Before Amyl Nitrate came on the scene( to prevent painful anal fissures and ulcers ) in the gay community there was no AIDS. 

Inhaled nitrites  interact freely with endogenous trivalent nitrogen compounds to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines. Virtually all the early homosexual patients later diagnosed with AIDS had used poppers. Nitrites act on blood vessels, the site of KS, AIDS-related KS [Kaposi’s Sarcoma]  and are known to be mutagenic.  


When the Supreme court struck down the High Court order, this was the standard response of the big brother controlled main stream media.

We welcome the stand taken by the Congress and its Cabinet ministers and AAP and hopes that the government moves quickly to reverse the SC judgment.

Homosexuality  is no longer treated as a disease or a disorder. There is near unanimous medical, psychiatric opinion that it is just another expression of human sexuality.

The announcement was met by worldwide shock and revulsion, and clamorous protests immediately rang out from New York to Noida to Nagpur..

Like their counterparts all over the wired world, India's younger generation stands for freedom of choice and tolerance in all matters, including sexuality .

The   law   also   denies  to  a  gay  citizen the freedom of expression, the right to assert choices.(Hey, how about marrying your dog ? )

It takes away personal autonomy, the right to live one’s life on one’s own terms without fear or shame. A  law  which  is  so  fundamentally  flawed  and  discriminatory  in  its  operation  violates the  most  fundamental  of  rights  guaranteed by the Constitution ~ the right to life under Article 21

Thousands of children are waiting for adoption, and it would be better for them to be adopted by a homosexual couple than to remain in an orphanage ( heyso that both the gay partners can ,make the child apply vacuum on their diseased dongs covered with cold sores ? )

In Spain, a country of 46 million inhabitants, there are about 3,100 homosexual marriages each year. India must give such freedom to minorities .

Adoption by same-sex couples is legal in 14 countries.  It is a total disgrace, as all know that these perverts can never nurture a child and give parental love.

When white lesbians adopt a third world girl child statistics show that the child girl gets her periods very early before the age of 9, while her twin sister in a third world country with the biological parents would get periods AFTER the age of 14.  I shall dedicate a full post on this later on.

The absence of male and female role models during a child's development could cause maladjustment. The child gets traumatized and even the DNA gets warped. 

Big brother controlled  American Psychological Association has supported adoption by same-sex couples, citing social prejudice as harming the psychological health of lesbians and gays while noting there is no evidence that their parenting causes harm. 

Every poll on the subject “should gay couples should be allowed to adopt” is rigged by Big brother using his owned media.

For saying what I say below I may be branded as a bigot – so be it.  I would rather be a bigot than support something absolutely immoral and inhuman.

This is on the subject of gay couple adopting children, which desh drohis like Amarta Sen has been supporting.

Allowing homosexuals to adopt children is morally wrong. Children are not toys or pets.  

Gay adoption = incestual child abuse. 

The history of the gay rights movement is too deeply interwoven with the cause of liberation of pedophilia and, from 1972 it includes numerous attempt to the repeal of all age consent laws.

In some schools in Europe Father's and Mother's day have been cancelled on big brother’ orders – this is just too much.

Homosexuality is a sick choice, just like being a pedophile. A gay is sexually attracted to the same sex while a pedophile is sexually attracted to kids.

Being gay is a “choice” ( sic !), therefore when these creeps chose to be homosexuals and have anal sex they also chose to give up the ability to create a life.    Let small children stay innocent. Why allow their innocent lives to be infiltrated by perversion and  filth.

It's unfair to the child to deprive him of what he deserves just to make yourself happy or to prove a point. Two women may both make great mums, but neither can ever be a dad. Two men may both make great dads, but neither can ever be a mum.

Creeps have sex with animals, men have sex with other men and women have sex with other women. Do we really need to bring in kids into that lifestyle?

Studies have shown that a child residing in a homosexual household deviates from a child residing in a heterosexual household. They differ in attitudes, sexuality, responsibility and choices.

Gay adoption affects the child emotionally. Statistics show that daughters raised in lesbian households are more likely to partake in lesbian activity..  This is a vile act of pure selfishness. 
When have these  perverted gays have ever been unselfish?  

It's their choice to live together, and have tongue sessions and anal sex together , but it's totally selfish to want to adopt a child

There is a limit to where personal liberties end, and a line has to be etched on rock.  These gay  couples clearly opted out from wanting to procreate Let them adopt a pet instead and leave innocent children alone so that they can grow up in healthy environments.

Just because two same sex people want to mesh their sexual organs together shouldn't allow them special rights to whatever they want. The fact remains that a big percentage of the law makers are gays or bought up by gays or big brother with his depopulation agenda for the New World Order..

Homosexual marriage and adoption are promiscuous and lust oriented.  When have the gays ever known real love?   Statistics have revealed that that gay couples are more violent, less stable, and more prone to incest that heterosexual couples.

Each child has the intrinsic human right to a father and a mother. Legislation should be written from the perspective of the innocent child not that of a specific group of people driven by perversion and lust. 

Gays should allowed to adopt children only over 18 years, so that the child too has a choice. .  If they chose to bring somebody to live with them , its need to be over 18 where they can decide if this want to live in this kind of perverted and debauched household, with vermin ridden anal dildos and KY jelly lying around. 

Children are not objects for debauched adult consumption. The only time gay people should be able to adopt is when the adopted person is able to say yes and know the unnatural lifestyle of they creepy parents. Do not force a small child into the unnatural lifestyle you chose for yourself.

Small children need positive role models of both sexes in order to reach their full potential. Childhood is the most precious of human commodities, and a child must not be exploited.  To be honest which child wants to have gay parents? Why force that on them?

Much of the research done about gay marriage is done by pro-gay scientists, that skew the results to make them look favorable to their side.  Two gays cannot parent as efficiently as a man and a woman can.

Gay couples don't have the right to bend natural law to their own self serving behaviour, and then expect the natural couples to say that's ok—or rather have the paid up media do false propaganda .
Children have a right to natural parents - they are not a right for gay parents.

Children learn by example.  If children see two men together servicing each other orally or anally which is bound to happened as both parents are creeps , they  are more likely choose to be homosexual.  If you cannot make a child naturally, you should not adopt—as simple as that.

What is natural about two men or two women having sex?  The child is going to have a real sad and rough life.  

The foreign funded Indian media are trying to make this as  one of the biggest issues in our country for the 0.0087% of people who are gay.  Hey, let's focus on the other 99.999%. 

The best punishment is to send all these gays on an island , where they terminate their line, which went on for since antiquity.

When a child does not get a the chance to know how a man and a women fit together, they will never get the chance to know how a normal family works.

Don’t you feel for a small boy who has NO right to choice , like their perverted gay parents who adopted him.

There is NO shred of evidence in the animal kindgdom where a heterosexual animal couple entrusts a child or an infant to another homosexual couple.  God create man and women for each other, not men for men or women for women.

95% of those abused individuals go on to repeat the abuse suffered by them. So are we just feeding into the cycle of deviant behavior by allowing those acts to continue?

Children of gay parents who were adopted have some of the highest rates of teen pregnancies and contraction of veneral disease.

A child raised in a homosexual family is more likely to end up choosing to be homosexual than a normal child would.  To produce a child you need a man and a woman, that's the natural way. Which poor real parent will want his or her child to be adopted by gays?

Children are a blessing that comes from God and they should only be raised by a mother and father. Children navigate developmental stages more easily, are more solid in their gender identity, perform better academically, have fewer emotional disorders, and become better functioning adults when reared within their natural family.

Gays and their godfathers have no right to spoil a child's future just to satisfy their whims and fancies. When a child does not get the chance to know how a man and a women fit together, they will never get the chance to know how a normal family works. A child needs a role model of both sexes in an ideal upbringing.

Sorry, nobody buys the lie that the homosexuals have a right to a child, when naturally thye simply don't. Is there NO violation of children’s rights applicable here. 

Putting innocent children who don't know right from wrong, or understand the foundations our culture is built on, into a situation that will set them up for heartbreak and abuse as they get older, is downright immoral. 

Homosexuality is a deviant behavior, therefore, homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children and teach them that homosexuality is acceptable.

Homosexuals teach children that it's alright to be gay—this is what we hear every day on TV too, right? We have the waitress, akkal ka dushma, Arvind Kejriwal , Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai and his pea brained wife Sagarika Ghose etc telling us this .

90% of gays were raped or molested when they were children, and people who have been raped or molested as a child have a higher probability in adulthood to molest children.

Children of homosexual parents will encounter rejection, embarrassment, and humiliation by the time they are in their teens, when they will see their friends and classmates having a home with a mom and a dad. They will be maladjusted due to society. 

Two males or two females cannot raise a child with a balanced view on life and its dynamics . Children deserve both a mother and a father, to deny them is against their rights

We live in an extremely politically correct society, where people are afraid to say anything for fear of being accused of prejudice . When you tell the truth about gays you are called a fundamentalist..

The institution of marriage has been defined as between a man and a woman. Two perverted men have no biological right to rear children together.

Innocent children first, perverted gay couples (with cold sores filled with vermin) second !

A lot of dead celebrities have been converted by big brother controlled media to be gay, see dead men tell no tales.  Ancient Hindu law books, categorize non-vaginal sex (ayoni) as impure, never mind what Triple Sri tells.

83% of the reported victims of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy were young boys.

A perverted creep Ashok Row Kavi, is a Mumbai-based activist and chairman of the Humsafar Trust, a homosexual community-based organization and is a great favourite of TV channels like NDTV and CNN IBN.

Section 377 does not criminalise homosexuality. You cannot be arrested for being gay. But you can be arrested for engaging in non-peno-vaginal sex.

NACO ( National AIDS control Org ) has cited statistics to show that 8 per cent of the gay population in India is afflicted with HIV/AIDS compared to one per cent of the general population. NACO has also said that Section 377 pushes the issue of AIDS underground. 

So they agree that gays are prone to AIDS.

In 1307, FALSE accusations of sodomy and homosexuality were major charges leveled by the Pope during the Trial of the Knights Templar—just because they started to pray to a pagan god discarding the bible .

Punch into Google search-


By now after nearly 800 posts my readers would have figured out, that Capt Ajit Vadakayil is NOT a dimwit.




Most gays expose their genitals subtly to young minor boys.  This is a mental sickness . 

Most gays grope young boys in crowded public transport. Don’t give the excuse that this is normal or due to an uncontrollable urge. 

When you have such urges you can always jerk off and release your rocks. The need to put his penis into an orifice meant to defecate is a mental sickness.

Oral sex is used in the cold west countries by women on man to draw blood into the penis ( by vacuum ) and get it erect for normal sex.  

In India due to our spices in the food we eat we do NOT need oral sex to get a hard on. We do remember in our late teens we literally had a hard on throughout the day. 

We did NOT try to shove the erect penis , it into a orifice meant for taking a crap. We did NOT feel the need to expose our erect dongs to other people passing by.

There is a cure for homosexuality in Yoga.  

The MMM of Hindu king mantra produces the magic molecule Nitric oxide.  

So does Agnihotra.  

So does Pranayama.

Punch into Google search-


There are several other methods — I will keep it for myself as for now.


My husband lied about loving me

My husband was arrested for indecently exposing himself to young men. He stopped in a public restroom to use the facilities and then confronted a young man to show him his genitals. The young man was scared. He punched my husband and ran away. My husband ran away too....but the young man got his license number and a few hours later we were in the police station. My husband vehemently denied that the accusations were true and that he'd never seen the young man before.

My husband grew up in a small little Midwest town. He was one of two children to his farming parents. His older sibling was more than 12 years older than him, and his parents were in their early forties when he came along. He held very good jobs in the community and was a respected member of a Freewill Baptist Church. He met and married me, in that same little town. We brought two beautiful daughters into the world and were very happy, or so I thought anyway.

Now, our lives were going to change in ways we had never even thought about. After he  said the accusations of assault weren't true and fought hard to make everyone believe him, he confessed to me that it was indeed true. There were other events of assault and exposure where he narrowly escaped being caught.

This totally, mentally, disabled me. I had always been able to handle anything. I once was the victim of a bank robbery and managed to get through it with no problems, after being held hostage for some time. That was nothing compared to this new injury to my heart and soul. Every fiber of my being was damaged. I had such a deep, passionate love for him and now I didn't know who it was I had loved. I had two children with him. I had no idea there was a problem.

Once I confided in some close friends what had happened in my life, more damage came my way. They knew! They all knew, but couldn't find a way to tell me. One of them was married to a police officer and had heart about the fact that they were watching Joe, my husband, and that they just didn't have that one little piece of evidence to arrest him until the assault in the restroom. I heard stories of how they had reports of him driving up to a man on the street and exposing himself and try to get the man in his car. But, no one ever had the license number correct.

My husband said he was sick. He didn't know why he had a desire to show men his private parts and to see there's. He didn't understand why pleasuring himself was better than having an intimate encounter with his wife. He said he needed God's help, and as a Christian wife, it was my duty to stick by him and help him through this. So, I tired.

I sat at home night after night, waiting for him to arrive home from a visit with his psychiatrist. He'd get home late, and when I asked where he was, he'd say he just went for a drive. I was upset, because that was when problems began for him, while he was out driving around. He would just smile. He told me the doctor had helped him to understand that he wasn't sick, but that this was a choice. So, I asked him if he'd had sex with a man. His answer was no,but by now I wasn't sure I believed him. He did admit that he'd thought about it. I thought our next move would be to go to couples counseling, but he didn't want that, because there was nothing to fix, in his opinion. He tried very hard to convince me that if I would just let him explore this thing and see if it is really what he wanted, it would be for the best.

How was I to live with a man that I wasn't sure was heterosexual? He claimed he still loved me and wanted to be with me. He didn't want our family to know what was going on or our children. More days of therapy and he was getting worse. He wasn't going to be the man I wanted him to be. And, likewise, I couldn't be the woman he wanted me to be. He wanted me to cover for him. He wanted the pretty little picture of the happy family, along with exploring what it would be like to have a man in his life too.

Finally, he did something I just could not believe. Now, mind you, all this time, I too was seeing a therapist, who was trying to convince me that none of this was my fault. She worked with my feelings of guilt, and tried to tell me how useless they were. I became very depressed, unable to sleep or eat. It was very hard. So, my husband came home one night, after being out looking for a job, so he said, and he had a man in the car with him. I saw them pull up in the driveway. Joe came in alone first. He tried very hard to convince me that if I would just let him show me how happy this man made him, that, if I loved him, I too, would be happy for him. How crazy was that? Happy for him! What about me? I was so angry. I said "NO" and told him to get out. He said he was not leaving and that he loved me and our kids.

I went to the phone and called my brother and told him that I might need help. I did this while Joe went out to the car. I figured he'd tell the guy I said no and he'd take him home, But No! He brought him in our house! Oh my God! It was bad enough the way the entire situation was, but then I realized the man was one of the police officers who had arrested him. He was someone I knew was married and his wife was pregnant, and here he was wanting to be 'with' my husband in front of me! This was too much.

I bolted for the bedroom. Now, this was nearly 9pm and my kids were both in bed. I reached up in the closet and retrieved a rifle we had. The shells were kept in our night stand, so, with rifle in arms, I went to the bedside to get the shells. About that time, Joe came into the bedroom and saw me. He lunged across the bed and grabbed the gun from me. When he did, he hit my nose, braking it and blood spurted everywhere. We both had our hands on the gun, and I had two shells in one of my hands. We wrestled and eventually he got it away from me and pinned me to the bed. He had a glazed look in his eyes as he held me down so tight I couldn't move. I kicked him and spit on him and fought as hard as I could, but he was too strong for me. 

He hit me several times, and all the while he still kept insisting he loved me. Finally, I gave up fighting a bit and he got me up off the bed and pushed me into our closet. He locked me in and I couldn't get out. We had louvered doors so I could see a little, but I was afraid of making a lot of noise because my two precious little girls were just in the next room sleeping and I didn't want them to see this. After a few minutes, he brought his policeman friend into our bedroom. There, locked in a closet for nearly eight hours, I heard the sounds of my husband and his male friend having sex in our bed. I was sick, to say the least.

The next morning, about 6am, he unlocked the door and there I was......dried blood all over me and the clothes I had pulled down, most of which were his. He just stared at me. I just stared at him. I was trying to remain calm. I came out and began changing my clothes to get ready for work. All the time I was doing this, he was whimpering about loving me and how sorry he was that I couldn't understand, and how it would all be okay. No, it wouldn't be okay. What kind of person locks his wife in the closet while he has sex with a man? What did he expect me to do? Did he really think I was going to go along with him? I had thought my husband was homosexual, or at least bi-sexual, but now, I knew there was something more going on. The thing I knew the most was that I had to get away from him. The kids were waking up and he went to get them. I quickly got a laundry basket and began filling it with my clothes.

When he came back to my bedroom and saw me packing, he immediately began arguing with me and told me if I was leaving that I couldn't take the children.  Well, that wasn't going to happen.  No way was I leaving my children and not with him.  So, we began fighting again, and almost the same things happened all over again.  I got hold of the rifle again and he wrestled it away from me.  This time I had such a grip on it that when he pulled it away, he caused my collar bone to fracture.  Just about the instant that happened, someone rang our doorbell.  Joe immediately grabbed me to keep me from going to the door.  Both of our daughters were standing in my bedroom doorway crying.  I screamed and my brother broke down our living room door and came into the bedroom.  He threw Joe up against the wall and told me to get my things and my kids and get out of the house, which I did.

This was the beginning of a nightmare.  The next months were very hard for me.  I left all I had and was living out of a laundry in a bedroom at my brother's house with two children.  I immediately filed for a divorce.  I had to get help from a therapist to make it through the entire thing.  The next year would be hell trying to recover from loosing someone I loved so deeply and learning to live as a single parent.

To shorten this story, I will tell you that we got divorced.  I lived in the same town as him for 3 years and he had visitation with the children.  In the 4th year, he molested both of my kids and I found myself in and out of courts with him constantly.  Finally, when his attorney had our case thrown out on a technicality, I knew, as much as I didn't want to go, I had to move away from him to keep sane and to keep my kids safe.  So I did.  I moved 6 states away and began a new life.

Looking back now, after years of therapy and finally finished raising my children, was he gay?  I don't believe he was or is gay.  I have some gay friends and they don't do the things he did and most likely still does.  Is he crazy?  Probably.  I believed he was mentally ill.  He agreed at one point to have a very detailed psychiatric exam and testing.  The results came in and he was described as being a "psycho-sexual maniac, and that with years of intense therapy, he most likely would not change".  Furthermore, he had pedophile tendencies and was undoubtedly narcissistic.  Was he a psychopath?  I think so, and I think he still it one.

Since I divorced him, he has had many male lovers; been arrested nine times for sexual related crimes. He finally put on this 'show' that he had been 'healed' by God.  He met a woman and married her and had two more children withher.  It was insane!  And, yep, you probably guessed it, he molested both of them, and is now separated from that wife.  What makes a man do this?  He is so afraid of the public seeing him for what he really is that he will do anything to make folks think he is a normal heterosexual male, and sneak around trying to expose himself to men, or have sexual relationships with them, or chase down some young boy while wearing women's clothing and expose himself to them also.

I have since learned that there are many women who have had their husbands destroy their marriage because of him wanting to be with a young man.

I guess I am lucky that I survived him and life as a single parent.  I have two lovely children who are married and have wonderful families.  I have been blessed with 7 grandchildren.  Joe is not a part of our lives and never has been since I moved away from him four years after our divorce.  I can only think that God had his hands on us all the time to have lived through this.

In the perverted west a big percentage of public toilet have GAY GLORY HOLES  with the sponsorship of the government ( lobbied up by big brother) , who wants to encourage this EXTREME gay perversion.

When the gay perverts see a school boy approaching the toilet , these  gays toss a coin or fight with each other , to go to the adjacent toilet and put their penis though this hole.

It is so easy to put hidden cams and catch these perverts.   But the government is in cahoots.

Very soon you will have AAP, Congress  and the moth eaten faces coming on TV , that GLORY HOLES are a matter of free choice- human rights,  human spirit, human love , freedom afforded by the Indian constitution BLAH BLAH BLAH.

How easily they quote the Indian constitution to baffle us.

Punch into google search-


Below: We will NOT allow this debauchery in India.

I had read an account written by a US policeman where a father went crazy when his young teenaged son broke the news that he is gay and that his first gay experience was via a glory hole in a dirty public toiler .  

He went around going to all these glory hole toilets with a lighter cigar and he stubbed his lit cigar on the tips of these protruding penises ( it causes most excruciating pain ).  

For many months the glory hole habit was abandoned in that neck of the woods  – till the gays got together and got this tough vigilante father arrested by a gay policeman.

The brain of a psychopath shows limited activity in the regions responsible for empathy. Hence the reason, they need to pray on young children. Pedophile are the people who got caught preying on same sex or opposite sex.

Psychopaths Lack Empathy as their brains do not process the consequences of pain-unless it crosses the pain barrier  (like glowing cigarstubbed  on tip of penis ).

So these people still cannot stop what they are doing despite being bashed up and exposes.  They are capable of inflicting pain emotionally to others and never regret their actions. One of the common traits of psychopaths is that they are very charismatic and assertive with excellent communication skills and are capable of manipulating people and situations. 

These superficial skills are often mistaken to be leadership qualities. This takes them to top positions in corporate world before their self-centered, dominant and unremorseful character is revealed.  

The decreased activity in ventromedial prefrontal cortex and amygdala of their brains hinder their ability to process the emotions and empathize with people in pain. This in turn affects their ability to evaluate the consequences and make decisions. 

Couple of months ago, the 105th and current Archbishop of Canterbury Most Most Reverend Justin Welby yesterday warned leaders of the Church of England that they must learn to accept the sexual revolution over gay rights. 

His mother was crypto Jew Jane Gillian (née Portal) had been Jew Winston Churchill's ( whose mother Jenny Jerome is Rothschild ) PA.  Welby's paternal grandfather was a German Jew. In 1984 Welby he became "treasurer" of the oil exploration group Enterprise Oil PLC in London, where he was mainly concerned with stealing oil from West African countries. 

At his first press conference the Archbishop Welby spoke out strongly against homophobia and stated that he is "always averse to the language of exclusion, when what we are called to is to love in the same way as Jesus Christ loves us." He also said “I know I need to listen very attentively to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) communities, and examine my own thinking prayerfully and carefully.

“Prayfully” is a new one TEE HEEEEE !

Oh Yeah the gays are prayfully putting their dongs into as$holes.

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated

The white man has hardly realized the gruesome enormity of interracial cuckolding, where white husbands allow their wives to have brutal perverted sex with well hung blacks.  Or she will threaten divorce ( for NOT pleasing her on bed ) and steal half his money as alimony. 

Below: FREE CHOICE-- she wants a huge unwashed dong of the black handyman -- NOT the clean tiny pink willie of her husband ( and father of her children ). 

99% of these white woman do it in the absence of their cuckold husband— twosomes and threesomes.  

Were these women born this way? 

Hell no !

India must follow the lead of Putin and take on this evil Zionist Cabal .  

We must stigmatize homosexuality, “gay marriage” and restore heterosexual marriage to its traditional privileged role in our culture. 

It is NOT too late.

We Indians must make a list of these NEW WORLD ORDER STOOGES who support the Zionist Cabal for a few pieces of silver.   

Below : Scan of original document signed by Rothschild stooge Allen Welsh Dulles longest serving Director of CIA, ( brother of John Foster Dulles, Dwight D. Eisenhower's Secretary of State). Magsaysay award is controlled by Rothschild's agent Ford.   Magsaysay awards are given to DESH DROHIS – we know of Arvind Kejriwal,  Manish Sisodia,  Anna Hazare,  Kiran Bedi etc

Allen W Dulles represented I.G. Farben the German chemical manufacturer whose secretary to board of Directors was Bernhard von Lippe who founded the Bilderberg Group in 1954 with Rothschild . Allen W Dulles hooked up with George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush’s father-in-law to finance the purchase of the Hamburg Amerika Line, a steamship company for Dulles’ client I.G. Farben.

Evolution did not intend that the rectal cavity meant to eject waste to be used  as a sexual orifice.


Grace and peace ! ( put your headphones on )-- LORD KRISHNA 4000 BC


prasanna vadanaam
saubhaagyadaam bhaagyadaam
hastaabhyaam abhayapradaam maniganair-

who is of smiling face, bestower of all fortunes,
whose hands are ready to rescue anyone from fear,
who is adorned by various ornaments with precious stones

Puer natus est nobis,
et filius datus est nobis:
cujus emperium super humerum...
For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given:
and the government will be upon his shoulder..
Some day you came
And I knew you were the one
You were the rain, you were the sun
But I needed both, cause I needed you
You were the one
I was dreaming of all my life
When it is dark you are my light
But don't forget
Who's always our guide

It is the child in us

To check out what Lord Krishna is doing on a banyan tree leaf—

punch into Google search-


BIG BANG is for idiots – it is INHALATION and EXHALATION 






Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). 

Homosexuality-not a crime in any Smriti. Everyone has male & female elements. According to their dominance,tendencies show up & may change.